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"I love you!" Inside Robert Irwin's sweet romance with Rorie Buckey

Instagram official and all loved-up

Hearts have broken around the world as Robert Irwin confirms relationship with his 19-year-old girlfriend, by posting a photo with Rorie Buckey on Instagram.
The comments were flooded with Australian celebrities congratulating the young couple, including Magda Szubanski commenting "nawww" and of course, his older sister Bindi Irwin supporting the relationship with "love you both!"
Robert is rumoured to be temporarily leaving Australia Zoo and moving to Western Australia to be closer to Heath Ledger's niece, Rorie Buckey, while she studies a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Perth's Curtin University.
Robert Irwin has officially confirmed his relationship with girlfriend Rorie Buckey on Instagram. (Image: Instagram)
Rorie Buckey also confirmed her relationship with Steve Irwin's beloved son, Robert Irwin.
Posting a cute photo of them together on Instagram for the first time, with the caption "Adventure buddy."
Bindi Irwin commenting what we've all been thinking, "You guys 💛💛💛"
Rorie gave the fans what they wanted (more photos!), by sharing a glimpse into the young couple's private love life with a Polaroid on her Instagram story.
Rorie Buckey posted Robert Irwin on her Instagram for the first time on Sunday. (Image: Instagram)
How cute are these two in their matching wildlife explorer outfits! (Image: Instagram)
Talking about "adventure buddies", Robert Irwin and girlfriend Rorie Buckey were even spotted celebrating their first major holiday together.
The cute couple looked delighted to be reunited at Perth Airport on April 6, after Robert flew in to enjoy Easter with Rorie, 19, and her family.
"Robert's absolutely smitten, and you can tell from his ear-to-ear grin," a source tells Woman's Day.
"He's fallen for Rorie big time and who can blame him? She's a complete sweetheart, very kind and not at all intimidated by his world in the spotlight. She adores Robert and can't believe she's found someone so down-to-earth in their world."
"Robert might be young, but he knows he's found something special in Rorie and he's already dreaming about spending the rest of his life with her," says a source. (Image: Supplied)
The couple were smiling from ear to ear when they reunited at Perth Airport. (Image: Supplied)
According to the insider, the 19-year-old was "nervous" about meeting his girlfriend's family for the first time and was "desperate to impress".
"He sees them having a future together –he wouldn't be dating her if he wasn't," adds the source.
Indeed, Robert got all sentimental about the 31st anniversary of his parents' Steve and Terri's engagement in February.
"It was on this day 31 years ago that my parents got engaged and set in motion what would become a legacy larger than life," he wrote on social media.
Robert seems to be fitting in just fine! (Image: Supplied)
Robert shared a heartwarming tribute for his Mum and Dad's anniversary earlier this year. (Image: Getty)
Now, sources say the sensitive teen is keen to make his own fairytale romance official – and wants to pop the question ASAP!
"Meeting the family is the first step and he wants them to see that he's good enough for someone as special as Rorie," shares a Ledger family insider.
"You can tell the Ledgers are very protective of her, especially after losing Heath. The last thing they want is for her to have her heart ripped out by a showbiz romance, so Robert's on his toes around her folks."
But the source says the TV star and keen photographer has little to worry about.
"He's such a genuine, humble guy with no airs and graces. He's funny too, and he reminds everyone of his father, he's very likeable," says the source.
"The Ledgers are thrilled with this romance as long as he makes her happy, and, judging from the big beaming smile she had greeting him at the airport, that certainly seems to be the case."
@roriebuckey: R&R take on NYC!! 🌟 Instagram
The couple are off travelling again, this time to New York City!
Rorie shared this adorable pic of the two on Instagram and in the comments, Robert dropped 'the L word'! he simply commented "I love you!!! ❤️"
Robert and Rorie take on Tasmania! Instagram
The travel continues! Rorie and Robert take to Tasmania just after their overseas trip to New York City.
Some fans suggest the couple are moving too fast and others couldn't be more thrilled commenting, "You are living the dream girly."
Sister approved! Instagram
Bindi Irwin shared a family snap including all her favourite people, captioned "This group right here ❤️ Grateful for every moment shared."
She gave a special shout-out to Rorie in the caption, "My brother's gorgeous girlfriend, @roriebuckey - Sweetest soul, beautiful friend, I love her dearly and you'll usually see Grace just following her around because she adores her."
It seems as though the family has welcomed her with open arms, even sharing the red carpet as a part of the family!
The couple have made it TikTok official! In their newest post, we finally get to hear Rorie as we follow them on their date night.

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