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Turia Pitt confesses she was distraught after finding “confronting” images taken days after the fire

''I saw old Turia and new Turia...''
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Turia Pitt was left distraught after finding footage just days following her accident in 2011.

During an 100km marathon, Turia suffered burns to 65 per cent of her body after being caught in a fire.

Turia was caught in a grass fire on September 2, 2011.

(Image: Instagram)

While speaking on Instagram and her podcast Turia Pitt is Hard Work, the young mum said she made the discovery after requesting her doctors send medical records after claiming surgery couldn’t be done to fix her nose in order to breathe properly.

Among the files sent to her was a USB which included images just two days after the fire.

“So I click on that and there’s a folder with dates on the photos, and the date of my accident was on the September 2, 2011, and there are photos in that folder which are dated September 4, 2011,” she said.

“I saw old Turia and new Turia,” she said.

(Image: Instagram)

“I knew it would obviously be very confronting for me. Now, do you think I stepped back, took a couple of deep breaths and thought about it a little more, or do you think I just f—–g double-clicked?”

The folder included images of Turia in hospital looking swollen with snaps of her skin prior to being grafted and her hands were bloody as they were “partially amputated.”

Turia said the images were so “confronting” as she was unaware of the impact the fire had on her body until she woke up in hospital a month later with a “new body”.

“I had gotten used to this new body, and this is who I am now, but it was upsetting because I saw old Turia and new Turia at the same time,” she said.

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Two weeks after seeing the images, the young mother knew “deep down” that she needed to call her psychologist.

“She’s amazing, she came over, we sat down and we looked at the photos together, which she said was important because I may have built it up in my head to be worse than it was,” she said.

“Turns out they were really bad but it was good she was with me and supporting me. We spoke about each of the photos.

“It made me think about all I had lost … but it made me think about everything I’ve done since.”

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