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Trisha’s cancer shock

After a series of devastating setbacks, the former Play School host faces the toughest fight of her life.

Former Australian TV host Trisha Goddard has revealed she is battling breast cancer, after a routine mammography three weeks ago revealed a lump.

Now living in the UK, where she fronts a hugely successful talk show, the 50-year-old former presenter of Play School and The 7:30 Report has already undergone two operations to remove the lump and some of her lymph nodes and faces an exhausting bout of chemotherapy.

Trisha’s husband Peter Gianfrancesco says his wife is devastated by the diagnosis but is focusing on her recovery.

“We are both stressed and exhausted from the stress and worry, but are trying to deal with this one step at a time,” he said last week.

The show goes on

Determined to overcome the illness, Trisha has told staff at her production company that she will be back on board in two weeks.

“Trisha does not want to feel like a sick person,” says company managing director Malcolm Allsop. “She is strong and will come through this as she has with other setbacks in her life.”

Trisha’s friend Dr Rosie King, who co-hosted the Aussie lifestyle show Live It Up with her in the early 1990s, says Trisha has never been one to slow down, no matter what life has thrown at her.

“After having her first baby Billie (now 18), she was back on TV that day,” Rosie tells Woman’s Day. “This diagnosis would have been a devastating blow. But I have to say that Trisha is a remarkable woman.”

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