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Hug-gate: Allison Langdon responds after Tracy Grimshaw’s hallway snub

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Tracy Grimshaw has appeared to intentionally reject a farewell hug from her rumoured A Current Affair replacement.

The footage, filmed as part of Tracy’s A Current Affair send off on Thursday, shows Grimshaw, 62, smiling joyfully as she walks down a hallway lined by Channel Nine talent.

She stops first at Nine News veteran Peter Overton, hugging him as he kisses her on the cheek. When she gets to Langdon’s outstretched arms, Grimshaw smiles, appears to shake her head in disapproval, before moving past Langdon to Karl Stefanovic, whom she hugs and kisses.

Langdon later responded to what will forever be remembered as ‘Hug-Gate,’ replying in the comments section of a parody video made by her morning TV rival: ABC News Breakfast’s Michael Rowland. Roland uploaded a like-for-like remake of Tracy’s awkward moment, using ABC talent in place of Nine talent. In the video, he snubbed Tony Armstrong’s‘s attempt for a hug.

“Nooooo – it’s too soon!!!!!” she joked, implying she was still burning up about the snub from Tracy and wasn’t yet ready to laugh about it.

Her Today co-host was, however, Stefanovic replying: “Hahahaha Tonyyyyyyy”

Tracy Grimshaw appears to reject Allison Langdon’s farewell hug upon leaving ACA

The remake: Ally’s morning TV rivals, ABC News Breakfast, later poked fun of the snub, with Michael Rowland pretending to reject Tony Armstrong’s hug attempt

(Credit: Michael Rowland Instagram)

The video was shared on TikTok by @badassnewss, who captioned it, “Tracy Grimshaw has signed off ACA for the last time and also rejected a hug from Today Show host – Allison Langdon on the way out 😬 bit awks.”

When taken in context of the fact Langdon is currently the favourite to replace Grimshaw on A Current Affair, the show she made her own for 17 years, the video certainly raises eyebrows, although there has never been reports of frostiness between the pair.

For her part, Grimshaw reiterated that her decision to leave the program was her own when announcing her departure on air in September, insisting nobody forced her out the door.

After weeks of speculation, insider sources have confirmed that Langdon is the likely replacement for ACA, with the sources stating that an official announcement was imminent.

(Credit: Getty)

After weeks of speculation, insider sources have confirmed that Langdon is the likely replacement for ACA, with the sources stating that an official announcement was imminent.

Langdon hasn’t been seen on the Today show in recent weeks and it’s claimed her breakfast TV replacement is currently being trialled.

Among those considered for what is widely regarded as a top job in Australian broadcasting is political reporter Chris O’Keefe who hosted a trial episode last month.

Veteran police reporter Dimity Clancey was also believed to be on the shortlist for the position alongside fellow broadcasters (and short lived Today Show co-host) Deborah Knight and Today Extra co-host Sylvia Jeffries.

The gig is highly coveted and famously one of the highest paying positions in Australian TV – Grimshaw’s earnings swelled to $700k prior to her departure – and requires a relatively short work week, with just a few hours in the studio per day.

Regardless of the competition, Langdon has remained the firm favourite despite her ongoing commitments to The Today Show which she has been co hosting for the last two years following Lisa Wilkinson’s shocking departure.

Despite the rumours, the nine network is hesitant to officially comment on the new role.

“A new host for A Current Affair will be announced in due course,” a spokesperson for the network told Now to Love.

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