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Toni Collette latest star to hit out at Hollywood pay gap

It’s terrible, Muriel

Australian actress Toni Collette has joined Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and Patricia Arquette in calling out the Hollywood pay gap.

Speaking to HuffPost Live, the 42-year-old – who has been honing her craft for over 20 years – said she thought the pay discrepancy between female and male actors was “crazy.”

“Creativity is genderless. Money is genderless,” Toni said.

“We’re all human. The [pay] imbalance is crazy.”

According to Slate, Hollywood’s best-compensated actresses made just 40 cents for every dollar the best-compensated actors made – which is almost twice as bad as the 77c us normal lady folk make to every man’s dollar.

Toni also spoke about the lack of diverse characters in film, and her hope for a more inclusive future.

“There should be stories for all.”

“As humans, we need to see ourselves. We want to be reflected in storytelling, so there really should be stories for all kinds of people, ages, races, sexes.”

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