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Why did Tiger Lily Hutchence disappear from the spotlight? Friends fear she won’t return again

She has recently resurfaced.
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In the wake of a new documentary airing in the UK about her parents’ troubled lives, Tiger Lily Hutchence appears to have vanished from public life, possibly for good.

Two years after last being pictured, Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates’ 26-year-old daughter recently doubled down on her insistence that she will remain far away from the spotlight and friends tell Woman’s Day she is unlikely to resurface any time soon.

She is now 26 years old.

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“Tiger prefers a low-key life,” says a source. “She has no interest in becoming famous like her parents were, and even though she’s a singer, it’s more a hobby for her than a career. The world is full of regular reminders that she would never want any part in Michael or Paula’s world.”

A reminder of her parents’ tragic lives came again recently when the two-part series Paula aired in the UK, featuring never-before-heard tapes of the music journalist making heartbreaking confessions to a friend, including eerily predicting Michael’s own untimely death.

The documentary sees Paula, who died of a heroin overdose in 2000, aged 41, recalling the moment she had to call Michael and tell him she and baby Tiger were unable to travel to Australia due to her custody battle with ex-husband Bob Geldof over their three daughters. She is heard recounting to her lawyer, “This will kill him.”

“Tiger prefers a low-key life.”tig

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Michael was found dead by suicide, aged 37, in a Sydney hotel room not long after.

The documentary also reveals how the grief-stricken TV presenter travelled to Australia, where she visited her late lover’s body in the morgue and heartbreakingly asked for a blanket to “tuck him in”.

“It literally does feel like someone’s punched you or broken something, you know?” she is recorded as saying. “Your heart actually breaks… you can feel all this pain.”

Unsurprisingly, it’s moments like this that reinforces Tiger’s determination to steer clear of the spotlight.

“Fame destroyed her parents, and she wants no part in it,” says the source. “She hates having to relive their tragedies through things like this documentary, but it does remind her she’s made the right choice by living a quiet life.”

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With her showbiz DNA and natural singing talent – not to mention her late dad’s good looks – Tiger could be a star.

Rather than follow in INXS legend Michael’s footsteps to rock stardom or Paula’s journey to media fame, Tiger avoids the spotlight after being left an orphan at just four.


It’s understood she splits her time between a modest share house in Fremantle, WA, and the UK, where she visits her half-sisters and Bob, 71, who raised her.

Tiger inherited little money from her parents and instead makes ends meet with her musician fiance Nick Albrook.

“I never received anything from anyone,” she told Richard Lowenstein, who directed documentary Mystify about her dad.

“I had a meeting once with an accountant that was so bad I didn’t want to do it again.”

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