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Tiger Lily Hutchence's mystery $50 million fortune

Michael Hutchence's reclusive daughter breaks her silence on her 'inheritance.'

Her father was a rock icon, believed by many to be a multimillionaire, but INXS superstar Michael Hutchence's lookalike daughter Tiger Lily is now said to be living in a "squat" in London, and has never seen a cent of her famous dad's missing millions.
Tiger Lily, 22, was due to receive a share of the troubled musician's fortune – estimated to be between $10 million to $50 million – when she turned 21 in 2017.
But whether such a huge fortune indeed exists has been a subject of conjecture for years, and no one has ever solved the mystery of what really happened to Michael's money.
The man in charge of Michael's accounts, tax lawyer Colin Diamond, claimed the rocker died penniless – having spent his wealth on partying, gifts and huge legal bills.
And decades after the legendary Australian performer was found dead in his hotel room in Sydney, aged just 37, Tiger Lily says she is yet to get a cent.
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"I've never received anything from anyone. I had a meeting once with an accountant that was so bad I didn't want to do it again," Tiger Lily told Richard Lowenstein, who directed the new Michael Hutchence documentary Mystify.
Richard met with Tiger Lily to show her his movie, recalling how "everything she said and did" reminded him of her late father.
"We went to her flat to watch the documentary and it was like a little squat," the Australian filmmaker revealed.
Tiger Lily was only 16 months old when her father passed away. (Image: Getty Images)
Whether Tiger Lily – whose mum is Sir Bob Geldof's former partner, the late Paula Yates – will ever receive any royalties from her late father's music or get her hands on the lost fortune remains unclear.
"Tiger was very emotionally brave to watch the documentary, she was obviously very young when her parents died," says Richard. "She was very grown up about it. She said she'd been cut out of everything [to do with her father's music] but wanted to do anything she could to help."

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