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Bindi Irwin’s surprising new career change!

Steve's little girl has announced she'll be swapping her khakis for something with a little more sparkle.

It might not be wrestling crocs and bagging snakes in the scrub in her khakis, but that’s not to say Bindi Irwin’s latest gig doesn’t require an equal amount of finesse.

The newly 17-year-old daughter of Aussie legend Steve Irwin has announced that she’s swapping her greens for some sparkles in the latest season of Dancing With The Stars in the US.

The animal activist announced her big news on US program, Good Morning America, revealing that, although it’s not what she’s used to, she’ll still give it her all.

“This is completely different to anything I have ever done in my life,” Bindi said on the show, “I am used to wrangling crocodiles.”

“I have to tell you though; the judges scare me more than crocodiles. They are so knowledgeable. They’re supreme athletes. I’m just this girl from Australia who’s used to crocs so give me a 15-foot crocodile any day.”

“It’s all about having the courage and strength and, for me, it is something completely different but I hope that I am able to inspire others in their own lives to seize opportunity and to make a difference and just jump, take that leap, even if it terrifies you,” said Bindi.

“I just hope my dance partner, whoever it is, is very patient and likes animals, because you never know what I’m going to bring to rehearsal.”

“I’m used to khaki and boots and I think it will always be a part of my life. We always say khaki is not just a colour it’s an attitude. It’s a part of who we here. You can’t climb a tree or wrangle a snake in a dress very easily, so this is completely different.”

We’ll be tuning in. Good luck, Bindi!

Bindi took to Good Morning America yesterday to announce her happy news.

The 17-year-old is due to appear on the next season of Dancing With The Stars!

Posting this lovely snap to her Instagram last month, Bindi titled it, “I love you so much.

And miss you every day.”

Bindi, born ‘Bindi Sue’, is Steve and Terri’s first child.

“Here’s a #flashback to a 6 year old Bindi helping Dad and the croc boys secure a beautiful and giant salt water crocodile. In Far North Queensland, carrying my Dad’s knife belt, these were the best days. Please note two things about me – I was so little, the belt had no hope of fitting..so I had to carry it on my shoulder! Also, my epic star hat, because you have to have style when you’re catching crocs!”

She spent her childhood travelling Australia with her family.

And it became clear early that she had picked up her dad’s knack for handling animals!

After her father passed away, Bindi continued to help and promote Zoos and wildlife conservatories across Australia.

Bindi became famous for her adorable pigtails and khaki clothing.

Her father’s carefree and laid-back spirit was obviously passed down to Bindi.

With mum, Terri, and brother, Bob.

Bindi and her family were part of Oprah’s ‘Outback Adventure’.

And before long, she was growing up!

Bindi and Bob at the Kids’ Choice Awards in 2011.

She has no problems cuddling up to creepy crawlies!

And she’s still rocking her khaki.

Looking very ladylike and grown up last year.

With a tiger cub, via her Instagram.

She got it from her dad! Via Bindi’s Instagram

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Bindi Irwin announces she’ll star on Dancing With The Stars US

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