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Steve Smith’s emotional press conference interrupted by “disgraceful” Kyle and Jackie O show stunt

The bizarre performance has been judged harshly on social media.
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Steve Smith was visibly shattered as he gave a press conference to media at Sydney airport about his role in the Australian cricket team’s ball-tampering scandal.

The 28-year-old fought back tears as he read a prepared statement, apologising to the nation and his family, before answering questions from reporters for the first time since receiving a 12-month suspension from international and domestic cricket.

One of the first comments came through from “Intern Pete” from the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Intern Pete – aka Peter Deppeler – chimed into the emotional public apology to compare the cricketer to reality TV show participants Dean Wells and Davina Rankin, whose on-air affair outraged Married At First Sight viewers.

“I want to let you know from the non-sport community in Australia, to see you upset tonight is very sad,” he started.

“We asked our listeners, and, as I said, we’re not a sports show, we asked our listeners what we thought about this, and, we have, uh, we opened up to them and mate I gotta tell you… hold your head high for what you have done because what’s actually been worse is what Davina and Dean did on Married at First Sight.”

At this point, the radio jockey was cut off by media handlers and sidelined with a “thank you, thank you.” Meanwhile, Steve, who has been handed a 12-month ban over his actions, appeared gobsmacked by the poorly-timed interruption.

Those who tuned in to watch the press conference were quick to react on social media, with many slamming the stunt as “ill-judged” and “disgraceful”:


David Warner, who has been handed a 12-month ban alongside Steve for his role in the scandal, has also spoken out following ball-tampering saga.

On Thursday, disgraced sportsman, joined by his wife Candice and two daughters, stopped briefly to talk to journalists upon his near-midnight arrival at Sydney airport.

“As you can understand, it’s been a tough and an emotional time for my wife and the kids,” he told waiting media.

“At the moment, my priority is to get these kids in bed and rest up and let my mind be clear so I can think and talk to you in a couple of days.”

As the young family made their way out of the airport, a flustered Candice could be seen wiping tears from her face.

The young family made their emotional first appearance at Sydney airport following the cheating scandal.

Comforted by his wife Candice, the embattled cricketer was intent on getting his two young daughters to bed.

Both David and Candice could be seen wiping tears from their eyes.

Earlier on Thursday, David issued a statement on social media apologising for his part in the cheating scandal.

“Mistakes have been made which have damaged cricket,” he wrote.

“I apologise for my part and take responsibility for it.”

“I understand the distress this has caused the sport and its fans.”

“Its (sic) a stain on the game we all love and I have loved since I was a boy.”

“I need to take a deep breath and spend time with my family, friends and trusted advisers. You will hear from me in a few days.”

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