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It’s time to bat away the trolls: Candice Warner forced to cancel appearances following cricket scandal

The cricket debacle is giving trolls a platform to unfairly turn on wives, partners and their kids.
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It’s not just cricketers like David Warner and Steve Smith that have been vilified online following the fall-out from the cricket ball tampering scandal.

Now their WAGs are finding themselves in the public quicksand.

After facing ridiculous amounts of abuse online, Candice Warner has decided to put a pin in her job.

Her publicist Roxy Jacenko confirmed to the Daily Telegraph that Candice would be skipping a media appearance and has also pulled out of a planned photo shoot.

“She has cancelled a photo shoot to stay back for him,” Roxy explained about her client, who she reps through her social media agency Ministry Of Talent.

Candice, a former iron woman and respected athlete, is known to promote a range of products and causes through her Instagram account.

But the recent events has seen the 33-year-old halt all activity since Sunday.

Much more than a wife, Candice has found herself a victim throughout this entire saga.

Her Instagram has been flooded with trolls hurling abuse towards the mum-of-two.

In an image with her and David’s two girls Ivy Rae, three, and Indi Mae, two, plus fellow WAG Rebecca Marsh’s son Austin, commentators post disgusting messages.

“The three little monkeys,” Candice penned alongside the sweet snap.

Some took aim at David, writing, “no forgiveness for cheating in sport, not ever, dishing out forgiveness for cheats, gives those cheats a license to cheat. Zero tolerance policy is only way to keep all sports clean.”

Another remarked, “Your husband is a cheater….shame on him.”

Then comments got disgustingly personal.

We’re not going to give those comments a platform.

Thankfully many fans stood up for Candice.

One user mused, “People have completely lost their sense of judgement just have got a platform and speaking nonsense.”

“Spewing hatred from your fingertips,” a fan penned.

“How sad that this post of three beautiful children has turned into all these hateful comments. @candywarner1 beautiful photo.”

Incredibly, Candice has decided to keep her Instagram open and hasn’t touched people’s comments.

She’s remained dignified and strong during what can only be described as tumultuous time.

Shane Warne weighed in on the saga, admitting that he believed the punishment did not fit the crime – but had hopes for a better future.

“The Australian public can be harsh and judgmental. But time heals.”

Here’s hoping it does just that.

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