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David Warner makes adorable tribute to Candice Warner after reports of fights defending her honour

No prizes for guessing what she's targeted for...
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Leaked CCTV footage has revealed the shocking moment when Cricketing Australian vice-captain, David Warner had to be restrained by his teammates from a violent brawl with the South African cricketer, Quinton de Kock this week.

Tempers reached boiling point, and it’s suspected that comments made by the South African player about Candace Warner, David’s wife are to blame.

It’s not the first time Warner has lashed out; it’s reported the Australian team Captain Steve Smith, had to pull Warner away from a confrontation with the South African captain earlier that day.

An image from the CCTV footage posted on Cricket Haven/Facebook

Following reports of the brawl, David showed his softer side with a sweet tribute to his wife on the pitch.

Inked on the strapping for David’s fingers was his wife’s name, Candice followed by a small heart.

It’s not the first time comments about Candace Warner have caused violence on the pitch.


The Barmy Army British cricket fans are using [vulgar, degrading chants] about the [Australian WAGS] to prove they’re the classy, eloquent group they’re famed to be.

[Cricket] may be the background noise of your childhood and [Boxing Day], but you’d be forgiven for not realising the Ashes had actually kicked off, but it has and it’s brought drunk, rowdy supporters with it.

The boisterous fans have gone in on Australia’s vice-captain David Warner, targeting his wife’s infamous tryst with Sonny Bill Williams a decade ago.

“Davie Warner is over the hill, came second to Sonny Bill,” thy chant.

Especially charming given Candice Warner attends the games with the pairs two young daughters, Ivy Mae and Indi Rae.

The English fans also address Warner’s blue with England cricket captain Joe Root in 2013.

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Root allegedly mocked South Africa’s star batsman Hashim Amla by holding a wig to his face, angering Warner who is a close friend the devout Muslim cricket star

“He’ll only pick a fight with men in a wig, when he opens his gob we think he’s a knob, with Root our captain we’ll take the urn home,” the chant continues.

This is hardly the first time men have tried to slut shame Candice Warner for a drunken decision back in 2007.

Earlier this year, David Oldfield – the guy who got kicked out of his own political party and whores himself out to pretty much any “celeb” reality show – took a low blow at the athlete.

“According to Google, your greatest achievement was done in a toilet cubicle,” he shouted at her.

For the record, her greatest achievement could arguably be the fact she won NSW state ironwoman champion at just 16.

Not a delicate wallflower, Warner hit back: “And so how is Pauline Hanson?”

The pair’s co-stars were dismayed, with Pettifleur calling the jab a “low blow” and “disgusting”, while Sam Frost awkwardly announced: “It has been so lovely to have everyone back together.”

Hopefully Warner deals with this disgusting sledge as gracefully as she did then, but I can’t wait for a time when she doesn’t even have to hear it.

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