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Karl Stefanovic slams Cricket Australia boss as "pathetic"

The Today show star has labelled CEO James Sutherland's response to the ball tampering scandal as "pathetic."

By Bella Brennan
It's been described as the darkest chapter in Australian cricket.
And as the fall-out from the ball tampering scandal continues to worsen, Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland has held a press conference in Johanessburg to confirm Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft have been booted out of the Aussie cricket team and sent home.
Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland avoided saying the word "cheating" during the press conference.
During the press conference, the CEO dodged questions from a Nine reporter who asked if Bancroft's actions were considered cheating.
Instead of giving a clean-cut yes or no answer, Sutherland replied: "In the laws of the game, it is not in the spirit of the game. I am angry and disappointed."
When the journalist pressed Sutherland further and asked point blank, "Is it cheating?", the CEO gazed into the distance and remained silent.
Understandably, Sutherland's evasive nature and his refusal to confirm Bancroft cheated has been slammed.
On Wednesday, Today host Karl Stefanovic didn't mince his words when he weighed in on Sutherland's press conference.
"James Sutherland's response was pathetic. He was questioned directly about cheating, and refused to answer," Karl fumed.
"Questioned over and over and refused to answer. Why? Why dodge it? It's cheating, plain and simple. Planned, pre-meditated cheating. You know it, I know it, the ICC knows it, James Sutherland knows it."
He continued: "No actual punishments were handed down this morning, at a time when the game needs strong and decisive leadership. And there are seemingly no ramifications for the coach."
WATCH: Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland dodges questions over the ball tampering scandal. Post continues...
"Whether you know about it or not, in leadership, there's responsibility."
"Mistakes have been made. Admit them. Own them. Deal with them. Accept the consequences, and move on."
"There needs to be a clear message sent to every player, every fan, every young boy and girl in this country who loves sport - that this behaviour will not be tolerated. And that message just wasn't there this morning."
"James Sutherland's response was at best weak. At worst, negiligent. He must act, or go," the 43-year-old concluded.
Meanwhile as Cricket Australia claim only Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft knew of the plan to cheat, the solemn-faced players have been pictured making their way through Tambo International Airport bound for Australia.
Ex-Australian cricket captain Steve Smith has been sent home from the test, along with David Warner and Cameron Bancroft.