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Stars who have still got it at 70

Jane Fonda became an international sex symbol when she starred as a sexy intergalactic detective in 1968 science fiction film Barbarella. Forty-three years later, Jane wants to make a sequel to the hit movie, despite being a 73-year-old grandmother.

In a world increasingly obsessed with youth, it is refreshing to see Jane and other older beauties like Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren and Julie Andrews still turning heads well into their 70s.

Here is our list of striking septuagenarians who can’t seem to stop looking fabulous.

By Kerry Warren

Jane Fonda as *Barbarella* in 1967

Jane Fonda as Barbarella in 1967

Jane Fonda in January, 2011, aged 73

Raquel Welch in the 1970s

Raquel Welch in October, 2010, aged 70

Sophia Loren in 1964

Sophia Loren in September, 2010, aged 76

Tina Turner in the 1970s

Tina Turner in January, 2010, aged 70

Julie Andrews in *The Sound of Music* in 1964

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music in 1964

Julie Andrews in November, 2010, aged 75

Judi Dench in 1957

Judi Dench in January, 2011, aged 76

Ursula Andress with Sean Connery in 1962 James Bond film *Dr No*

Ursula Andress with Sean Connery in 1962 James Bond film Dr No

Ursula Andress in May, 2010, aged 74

Maggie Smith in 1975

Maggie Smith in March, 2010, aged 75

Elizabeth Taylor in 1948

Elizabeth Taylor in September, 2009, aged 77

Joan Rivers in 1967

Joan Rivers in January, 2011, aged 77

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