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Stars who are smokin’ at sixty

Who says age is a barrier? Some of Tinseltown’s finest have hit the 60 mark without as much as a blink of an eyelid.

Actresses like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren are being offered some of Hollywood’s biggest roles and being rewarded with Academy Awards. While others still are making their mark through philanthropic work.

Whatever their current role, these women are gracing red carpets with an elegance and style younger stars could only dream of.

Jane Fonda in the 70s

Jane Fonda in 2009. Age 72

Lauren Hutton in 1986. Age: 43

Lauren Hutton in 2007. Age: 64

Jacqueline Bisset in the early 80s

Jacqueline Bisset in 2008. Age: 64

Diane Sawyer in 1990

Diane Sawyer in 2009. Age: 64

Raquel Welch in the 1970s

Raquel Welch in 2007. Age: 69

Susan Sarandon in 1978. Age: 32

Susan Sarandon in 2008. Age: 63

Sophia Loren in 1960. Age: 26

Sophia Loren in 2006. Age: 72

Helen Mirren in 1992. Age: 47

Helen Mirran in 2007. Age: 62

Meryl Streep in 1980. Age: 31

Meryl Streep in 2010. Age: 60

Sally Field in 1986. Age: 40

Sally Field in 2009. Age: 63

Susan Lucci in 1998. Age: 52

Susan Lucci in 2010. Age: 63

Candice Bergen in 1967. Age: 21

Candice Bergen in 2008. Age: 62

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