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EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk says she “can’t be bothered” to get Botox

''I don't even know when I've got a facial booked in.''
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Can you believe Sophie Monk is almost 40?!

The stunning 39-year-old looks so damn good for her age, that people always assume she’d had loads of injectibles or gone under the knife.

But today the host of Love Island and the new face of affordable beauty brand MCoBeauty revealed her youthful looks are all natural.

“No, I can’t be bothered,” Sophie told Now To Love, when asked if she regularly gets any Botox or filler injections.

“I think each to their own, but I myself am too lazy. I don’t even know when I’ve got a facial booked in,” she joked.

As for her stance on cosmetic procedures, Sophie believes it’s each to their own.

“I think you’ve just gotta do what you want to do, really,” she said.

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Sophie at the launch of her collection with MCoBeauty in Sydney on Wednesday morning.

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The Gold Coast native says now her career has evolved beyond just modelling and straight acting jobs, she feels far more comfortable in her skin.

“It was stressful when I was modelling … the focus on only looks is such an empty feeling and so horrible. You think that’s your only value,” she said.

“Now I get to be me, so I don’t care as much. I get to talk honestly and for me that’s more important. I’m now at a point where I get to be me and that should be enough.”

In 2011 Sophie revealed she had some filler injected into her top lip at the suggestion of her doctor, following the botched removal of a cyst.

“Half of my lip was removed with the cyst and I was advised to get filler in my top lip to help balance it out,” she told Who magazine at the time.

“I should have said no to the filler in the first place, but I trusted the doctor.

Filler usually lasts between six and 18 months.

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Sophie says she doesn’t get Botox or filler in her face.

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The 39-year-old stunned guests at the media event in Sydney

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Perhaps Sophie’s glow is down her to wonderful new man?

The former Bachelorette met her current beau, American neurosurgical robotics executive Joshua Gross, on the flight home from filming the first season of Love Island in 2018.

The pair were sitting next to each other and immediately got along, with Sophie even stealing a kiss from Josh right then and there!

They exchanged numbers and just a few months ago, Josh moved from the US to be with Sophie on the Gold Coast.

What did her mates think when she told them she was dating a bloke she met on a plane?

“Everyone said ‘You’re an idiot’,” Sophie said.

“They go ‘What’s his name?’ and I said ‘I think it’s Josh’,” she joked.

Josh and Sophie are adorable on the ‘gram.

(Credit: Instagram)

So who made the first move?

“He didn’t ask for my number, so I said ‘Can I get yours?’, and he wrote it on paper and I said ‘I’m putting it in [my phone] right now in case I lose this piece of paper!’

Sophie says Josh is the real deal and the man she hopes to spend the rest of her life with. She has frozen her eggs and the couple hope to have children together.

“It’s dead set. He’s just got no ego. He’s the one I want for the rest of my life,” she gushed.

While Sophie is a little more coy about posting photos of Josh to her 531,000 Instagram followers, Josh clearly is absolutely besotted, with almost his entire feed devoted to gorgeous tribute posts to his girlfriend.

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Too cute!

(Credit: Instagram)

Just one of the many couple selfies Josh has posted on his page.

(Credit: Instagram)

Sophie, who has designed a new makeup capsule collection for MCoBeauty, joked that she definitely tried to keep up her glamorous appearance during the first few months of dating Josh.

“I didn’t wash my makeup off in the beginning. I’d just wake up with it on. That’s what I would do,” she revealed.

Her favourite makeup look is a juicy pink pout or a smokey eye.

“I love going with a super dark eye, but then I go no lips, because I think it can look a bit much. You know when you wear both and it can be a lot? I pick one or the other. I’ll do individual lashes and a little bit of bronzer and then wear a bright lip,” Sophie said.

“I do need that, because I can look really pale.”

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Sophie’s new collection features lip glosses, lip liners, brushes, hydrating lip oils and an eyeshadow palette, with all the products priced under $30.

She decided to collaborate with MCoBeauty’s founder Shelley Sullivan, who met the TV star on the set of Celebrity Apprentice in 2015, after the pair instantly hit it off on the show.

“We just knew. We’d be in the boardroom, I’d just look at her and she’d just get it. Someone would be whinging and we’d both be like, ‘Yep, she’s a nightmare’,” Sophie said, referring to the show’s other contestants.

Sophie decided what products she wanted in the range and picked their names, but left the rest up to Sullivan, who is also the founder of tanning brand ModelCo.

“Shelley is awesome and dominates this whole industry. I said ‘I want, this and this, not too sticky. I want these products and colours and this packaging’ and left the formulas up to her,” Sophie said.

The new MCoBeauty collection is on sale now and can be purchased from Woolworths supermarkets, ShowPo or MCoBeauty’s online store.

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