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Sophie Monk shares more details about freezing her eggs

The Love Island Australia host kept things candid.
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She was walking the red carpet at the ARIA Awards just last week, but Sophie Monk has shared a slightly less glamorous insight into her life on social media.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the Love Island Australia host shared four videos of herself in hospital beginning the process of freezing her eggs.

“So I’m back in this lovely red carpet outfit because I haven’t told anyone but the last 14 days I’ve been injecting myself to freeze my eggs so I’m going to check in a second and see how many I’ve laid, hopefully a lot,” Sophie revealed in the first video.

Sophie captioned her first video “@monashivf you’ve treated me so kindly. I can’t thank you enough,” and also joked, “A lil high still.” (Image: Instagram @sophiemonk)

The former Bachelorette shared a second video revealing she had no reactions to the procedure at all.

Speaking to her fans, Sophie said, “So for anyone thinking about freezing their eggs like me for preventative or medical reasons, I’ve got to say I had no side effects whatsoever, I know every woman is different but I had Mum inject me, didn’t I Mum?”

The camera then turns to her mum Sandi, who has been there to support Sophie in the process.

“@monash I’d like 2 cartons please,” Sophie joked on Instagram. (Image: Instagram @sophiemonk)

In the third video, Sophie shared a clip of her groggy self reacting to the news that 13 eggs had been collected.

“That’s more than the follicles!” Sophie exclaims in the clip.

She revealed in her caption that she had 12 follicles and that her doctor was hoping for eight eggs to be collected so the news came as a happy surprise. Particularly as the amount is “over a carton.”

The final video showed her doctor, Dr Kee Ong confirming the news that they had 13 eggs for her.

Sophie was over the moon to hear the news that 13 of her eggs were collected. (Image: Instagram @sophiemonk)

This isn’t the first occasion Sophie has revealed details about her reproductive health. In November, the TV personality shared some raw videos of herself undergoing keyhole surgery for her endometriosis.

In the first clip, Sophie is seen talking to her surgeon who can be heard saying, “We did find some endometriosis, but not a lot.”

The 38-year-old thanked the staff at Monash IVF in her post and went on to say, “So many women live not knowing they have endometriosis. If you have annoying cycles. You should ask your dr,” followed by a heart emoji.

Sophie previously spoke to A Current Affair in May confessing that she would love to be a mum and after Love Island wrapped filming, she would be freezing her eggs.

WATCH: Sophie Monk reveals plans to become a mother. Post continues after video…

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But despite all of her hospital visits, Sophie has had a strong support network in the form of her parents and new beau, Joshua Gross.

The Love Island host gave her fans a sneak peek at her new man via Instagram in November shortly after her surgery captioning a snap of the two of them with, “So lucky to have this guy in my life to help me recover.”

Despite talks of marriage, Sophie did not attend the ARIA Awards with Joshua but instead walked the red carpet with her dad, Andrew.

We’ll just sit here and wait for the release date of their reality show…

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