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Former Bachelorette Sophie Monk's shock hospital visit

The reality star was being treated for endometriosis.

By Alex Lilly
Former Bachelorette Sophie Monk has shared some raw insight into her health issues.
Taking to her Instagram stories on Monday afternoon, the reality star and Love Island host shared two clips of herself in a hospital bed.
Sophie underwent treatment for her endometriosis. (Image: Instagram @sophiemonk)
"Best sleep I've had in years." (Image: Instagram @sophiemonk)
In the first story, Sophie Monk is seen talking to her surgeon who can be heard saying, "We did find some endometriosis, but not a lot."
The 38-year-old thanked the staff at Monash IVF in her post and went on to say, "So many women live not knowing they have endometriosis. If you have annoying cycles. You should ask your dr," followed by a heart emoji.
The second clip showed Sophie under anaesthetic which she joked about in her caption saying, "Best sleep I've had in years."
The reality star has never spoken publicly about suffering from endometriosis but the condition can impact fertility.
Speaking to A Current Affair in May, Sophie revealed that she would love to be a mum and after Love Island wrapped filming, she would be freezing her eggs.
WATCH: Sophie Monk reveals plans to become a mother. Post continues after video...
After seeing her candid post on social media, Sophie received a lot of support from her well wishers, including radio host Mel Grieg who also suffers from endometriosis and has spoken frankly about her own fertility issues.
"Incredibly proud and saddened that @sophiemonk is going through this but it took massive balls for her to do this post and talk about it, you and I have had chats and suspected it but not all doctors know how to diagnose or recommend treatment," she captioned a screenshot of Sophie's original post.
"Darling girl you aren't alone and it's more than 1 in 10 #endometriosis #nocure #7yrstodiagnose #endosisters #strength."
According to Endometriosis Australia, endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects a woman's reproductive organs. It happens when the cells in the lining of the uterus (called the endometrium) grow outside of it.
It is a condition that also affects one in 10 women across the world, but is often left undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.
Wishing you a speedy recovery, Soph!

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