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Snezana Wood shares her biggest pregnancy regret after welcoming her fourth daughter

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Snezana Wood took a moment to reflect on her pregnancy after her daughter Harper arrived home from the hospital.

The former Bachelor contestant shared a slew of Instagram throwback snaps taken during a trip to her hometown of Perth, her growing belly in the frame.

However, in her caption, Snez shared the one thing she wishes she’d done before giving birth to her fourth child.

Snez looking radiant during her pregnancy.

(Image: Instagram)

“These pictures of a pregnant me were taken in Perth just a couple of weeks before I had little Harper,” she began.

“I wish I had stopped to enjoy the pregnancy more. It’s my one regret.”

The mother-of-four then connected with her fans by asking them if they “would have done anything differently or regret not doing when” they were pregnant.

What followed was a slew of relatable admissions from mums around Australia.

“I wish I had stopped to enjoy the pregnancy more. It’s my one regret.”

(Image: Instagram)

One shared, “I regret not absorbing the newborn moments with baby #2. I was always so busy. I wish I could go back and tell myself to leave the housework, do dinner later, etc.”

“I wish I enjoyed it more too – I was complaining the whole time, and now I miss it so much! 💕,” wrote another follower.

A third commented, “I’m 25 weeks pregnant currently with #3 and lately I’ve been wishing for it to hurry up as I’m so uncomfortable and suffering all the pelvic girdle pains and sciatica….. in saying that, I’ve seen a lot of early babies lately so I’m trying to just stop and try and enjoy it more 😂.”

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This week has been a big one for the Wood family as they were finally able to introduce their eldest kids, Eve, Charlie, and Willow, to their new sister, 24 days after she was born.

Snez and her husband Sam treated fans to adorable pictures of them all bonding.

In the snaps, Eve is feeding their littlest one with the bottle while the younger two adoringly watch over her shoulder. Sam later shared a photo of toddler Charlie having a go at giving her newborn sister the bottle.

Sam announced Harper’s birth on Mother’s Day, telling fans that Snezana became “really sick” during labour.

Harper came home and met her sisters on Saturday.

(Image: Instagram)

“Before we knew it Harper was off to the special care unit, and Mum was into ICU,” he explained at the time.

He continued on to gush over Snez’s strength when Harper was taken away for treatment, saying: “Of course, in true Snez Mum fashion, her only thoughts were for her little baby, and it was breaking her heart that she couldn’t hold her.”

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