Snezana Wood reveals the promising milestone newborn daughter Harper is about to achieve

''It’s almost time for her to come home.''
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Snezana Wood has shared a promising update on the health of her and husband Sam’s newborn daughter Harper.

Little Harper was born one month premature on May 4, and has spent the first few weeks of her life recovering in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

On Tuesday night, Snezana revealed Harper is “doing so well” and will soon be discharged and finally allowed to come home.

Snezana shared this new photo of Harper.

(Image: Instagram)

“Our little Harper had a rough start but she’s doing so well now and it’s almost time for her to come home 👏🏽 She’ll finally get to meet her 3 big sisters 🙊👏🏽❤️,” Snezana wrote on Instagram.

The former Bachelor star shared a new photo of her youngest daughter with medical tubes attached to her face.

The good news comes a week after Snezana revealed the emotional toll being separated from Harper has taken on her and Sam.

“Our little Harper still isn’t home with us. It breaks my heart 1000 times a day …but then I remember she’s in the best place with incredible Drs & nurses caring for her around the clock,” Snezana, who won Sam’s heart on season three of The Bachelor, wrote.

Snezana says it breaks her heart “1000 times a day” to be away from Harper.

(Image: Instagram)

The mother-of-four said that while Harper is “doing so well now,” it’s been a struggle to be apart.

Snezana expressed her sadness over her and Sam’s other kids, Willow, four, Charlie, two, and Eve, 16, still not having met their new baby sister.

“I know she’ll be home soon enough and her three big sisters will finally be able to meet her but till then it’s back and forth to the hospital a number of times a day whilst trying to keep it together,” she shared.

Snezana also posted four new photos of Harper with tubes attached to her face. In one adorable photo, dad Sam looked adoringly at his sleeping daughter.

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Sam announced the birth of Harper on Mother’s day, telling fans that Snezana became “really sick” during labour.

“Before we knew it Harper was off to the special care unit and Mum was into ICU,” he explained at the time.

He continued on to gush over Snez’s strength when Harper was taken away for treatment, saying: “Of course in true Snez Mum fashion her only thoughts were for her little baby, and it was breaking her heart that she couldn’t hold her.”

Sam and Snez have been visiting Harper in hospital.

(Image: Instagram)

Snezana and Harper were initially separated after doctors found an infection both of them had picked up.

Thankfully three days later Snezana was reunited with her newborn daughter.

While Harper recovers in hospital, Sam and Snezana have been travelling back and forth from their home to visit her.

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