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Snezana Wood shares heartwarming photos of daughter Eve Victoria

Eve looks exactly like her mother.
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The bond between a mother and daughter is like no other, and the nation has kept a particular eye on The Bachelor’s Snezana Wood and her daughter Eve Victoria when they were introduced to our screens in 2015.

Snezana’s post to Instagram of Eve all dressed up for her formal has once again made the nation melt as her likeness to her mother continues to grow every year.

(Image: Instagram)

The young Snezana mini-me recently attended her Year 12 formal wearing a stunning sparkly silver dress paired with white heels.

“last night was our little Vivi’s Yr 12 formal,” Snezana wrote.

Sam Wood also shared a tribute to his daughter revealing how proud he was.

“Just wow! So proud of you for the the young woman you’re becoming,” he said.

Eve’s adorable nickname is monkey.

(Image: Instagram)

It is clear Eve has great fashion taste – just like her mother – after wearing a stunning black dress for another formal in August 2023.

“Formal – my eldest beautiful little monkey @eve.vict had her formal last Friday….they grow up so fast,” she captioned the Instagram post.

Australia has watched the now teenager grow into a beautiful human since she first made a special appearance The Bachelor at just nine years old to reunite with her mum and meet Bachelor Sam Wood.

Snezana made it very clear to Sam, now husband since tying the knot in 2018 in Byron Bay, that Eve was a crucial part of her life and came as a package deal. When Sam chose Snezana during the third season’s finale, he also chose Eve.

So adorable!

(Image: Instagram)

In an exclusive interview with Now To Love in 2019, Sam said “I never call myself Eve’s ‘step-dad’. I am Eve’s dad. That’s how I feel. That’s how I act.”

In May last year, the family celebrated Eve’s sweet 16th birthday and fans were given a sneak peak to the festivities including friends, pastries, chocolates, flowers and cakes.

“Can’t believe my little monkey is 16 today!” Snezana captioned the series of photos.

Beautiful kids, plus one bun in the oven.

(Image: Instagram)

While Eve stole everyone’s hearts in 2015, the family has only grown eight years as Sam and Snezana welcomed daughters Willow Wendy Wood, Charlie Lane Wood and their more recent baby Harper Jones Wood who was born four weeks premature.

“I’ve just got this house full of girls, nothing is gonna change. It’s just me and the dog representing the boys. But you know what? It’s such a nice place to come home,” he told Now To Love.

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