These photos prove Snezana Wood’s bond with her eldest daughter Eve is stronger than anyone knows

There's something sweet about this mother-daughter duo.
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Snezana Wood’s daughter from a previous relationship, Eve, captured hearts around Australia from the first moment she appeared on The Bachelor way back in 2015.

Then just nine years old, Eve made a special appearance towards the end of the show to reunite with her mum and meet Sam Wood.

At the time, Snez was a single mother and had been honest with Sam about how important her daughter was to her, making it clear that they came as a package deal.

Knowing that only made it more delightful to see Sam bond with little Eve at that first on-screen meeting, and when he chose Snez as his winner it was clear he had chosen Eve too.

Snezana Wood shares a special bond with her eldest daughter, Eve, whom she has from a previous relationship.

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“I never call myself Eve’s ‘step-dad’,” Sam revealed in a 2019 interview with Now To Love. “I am Eve’s dad. That’s how I feel. That’s how I act.”

Now, almost seven years later, the little family of three have turned into a family of five… with another one on the way!

But even as Sam and Snez welcomed daughters Willow, Charlie, and Harper, Eve has maintained a very special bond with her mum.

“Eve is an amazing big sister to both Willow and Charlie. She really stepped up and helped out with Willow’s feeding, bathing and sleep when Charlie was born,” proud mum Snez told Who in 2019.

“At the end of the day, Eve is a [teenage] girl who’d rather be … taking selfies and hanging out with friends but she really does love them to bits. She has always wanted to be big sister.”

In honour of Eve’s gorgeous bond with Snez, we’ve collected some of their most beautiful mother-daughter moments through the years.

The world was first introduced to Eve when she made a special appearance on The Bachelor to meet Sam. At the time, single mum Snez admitted it was a huge step: “I haven’t really had many partners since I had Eve, so introducing Sam was kinda huge.”

And even Eve, then nine, knew how big of a deal it was. She grilled Sam, asking him, “How much do you like my mum out of 10?” Sam gave Snez a score of 9.4, which seemed to sit well with little Eve.

As we all know, the gorgeous mother-daughter duo had been a twosome for a long time so it was a huge step for Sam to become a part of their lives. “Eve and I have been a twosome for as long as I can remember and it’s been great but there’s always room for that other person,” the mum said on The Bachelor.

But everything worked out and before long they were a little family of three, Sam taking on a huge role in Eve’s life as he and Snez continued their relationship.

Eve quickly took to the role of big sister when Sam and her mum welcomed their daughter Willow in 2017, pictured here giggling in Eve’s arms at her 13th birthday party.

The two girls share a beautiful bond with each other, and with mum Snez. In fact, Eve played a huge role in Willow’s earliest years, helping her mum out with the new arrival.

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Snezana Wood posts engagement throwback

And when Sam and Snez tied the knot in 2018, Eve was front and centre in her mum’s stunning bridal party.

In a true testament to their special bond, Snez has made sure to include her daughter in her media career, bringing her along to photoshoots and fashion oppotunities through the years.

But some of their best moments happen at home, especially after Senz and Sam welcomed another daughter, Charlie, in 2019.

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Sam and Snezana Wood reveal the gender of their second baby

Once again, Eve was quick to help out her mum at home wrangling two little ones. But being a fair bit older than her siblings, Eve has a very special spot in the family dynamic.

Snez and Sam made sure to include her in some of their more grown-up adventures, like their 2020 NYE celebrations.

And in 2021 Snez made a very special shout-out as her little girl turned 16, writing on Instagram: “Can’t believe my little monkey is 16 today! Happy 16th Birthday.”

These days, the mother-daughter duo make sure to carve out time to spend as a twosome, indulging in a little self-care while Sam watches the littlest members of the family.

Of course, Eve still helps out too. Snez shared this delightful snap of all four of the Wood girls out for a family walk in 2021.

And as Eve grows, the resemblance between her and her mum is only growing more obvious.

Now that Snez is expecting her third child with Sam, she’s making sure to take quality time with Eve before the baby arrives, treating her daughter to a trip to Melbourne for fashion week in 2022.

She snapped this stunning photo of her teen daughter while there, captioning it: “Mother Daughter date night with @eve.vict who is working towards a career in fashion is absolutely killing it.”

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