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Shane Warne goes face-to-face with rats, snakes and maggots in the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Tucker Trial

The former Aussie cricketer proves he’s a bloody good sport by literally going face-to-face with the worlds most hated critters, just minutes after being bitten on the head by an anaconda.
Shane Warne

Last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! saw Australia’s favourite spin bowler take part in the squeamish Tucker Trial.

The challenge involved the father-of-three repeatedly diving head first into tanks of snakes, rats, maggots, fish offal and more, all in the brave name of winning food for himself and his hungry camp mates.

Yesterday’s sneak peek showed the 46-year-old duck diving into a writhing pile of anacondas, pythons and corn snakes in pursuit of the coveted gold star (which he had to retrieve with his mouth!).

But in an unfortunate moment, one particular anaconda took the opportunity to strike the sportsman in the middle of his forehead. It was a heart stopping moment when Warnie jumped back from the tank and let out a yelp of pain, but thankfully the Anaconda, although dangerous, was not poisonous.

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“Has the skin been broken?” the iconic Aussie asked bravely. He was immediately assessed on-site by the shows medical team, who treated the wound with antiseptic.

All up, Shane dipped his head into 10 different tanks filled with 10 equally unsettling creatures.

With the rat and the snake tanks ticked off, he also faced live cat fish, African clawed frogs, maggots, fly pupae, meal worms and even Madagascan hissing cockroaches.

Shane, 46, face-to-face with a tank of serpents!

Lastly, he confronted a particularly gross-looking container filled with fish offal, which unsurprisingly caused Shane to retch from the smell alone.

“You’re kidding,” he muttered to himself before submerging his head in the tank.

All up, the sports star won 9 out of 10 stars from the unsavoury challenge. “I am disappointed I didn’t get all 10. I think some of the ones there were not easy to get,” he said.

“Thinking back to the offal, to the rats, the scorpion, the anacondas, the pythons and the maggots…what hell did I just do?”

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continue sat 6.30pm next Sunday on Network 10.

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