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The two most important women in Shane Warne’s life “surprised” by his will

His estate has finally been settled.
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Almost a year on from his tragic death, Shane Warne’s estate has finally been settled, with his three children set to inherit the majority of his $20.7 million fortune.

Released by the Supreme Court in Victoria last week, the legendary cricketer’s last will states that 93 per cent of his fortune is to be divided up between his children, Brooke, 25, Jackson, 23, and Summer, 21 – around $6.4 million each – while his niece Tyla and nephew Sebastian will get 2.5 per cent each.

His children will inherit a majority of his fortune.

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Interestingly, Shane’s younger brother Jason – who he shared a close relationship with – will only get 2 per cent while his ex-wife Simone Callahan and former fiancee Elizabeth Hurley, will receive nothing.

Talking to Woman’s Day, a well-placed insider says the British actress, 57, although respectful of Shane’s decision, was a little “surprised” that two of the most important women in his life “missed out entirely”.

“She’s not shocked the children got the lion’s share, she thinks they deserve the world, however Shane insisted he’d always love Elizabeth and take care of her, but it seems that promise ended when they split,” they add.

Shane was 52 when he passed away.

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Interestingly a source close to Simone points out she is “financially secure in her own right” and, if anything, would have been shocked to find out Liz was left anything.

Following their divorce, Shane left Simone, 53, who he was married to for 15 years, about $10 million.


Shane’s assets include $5 million in an Australian bank and $500,000 in foreign accounts, $2.6 million worth of personal belongs, including a $12,000 jetski, and more than $2 million in shares. He also owned an extensive car collection valued at $375,000, including a Mercedes-Benz and a motorbike – all of which were instructed to be given to Jackson.

Shane’s son recently spoke about riding his motorbike for the first time since his father’s death last March, admitting he didn’t ride because he was too “emotionally charged”.

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Shane’s estate may come as a surprise to some as the famed bowler was said to be worth more than $50 million at the height of his career. However, the cricketer – who became known for his lavish lifestyle – owed $295,000 in credit card and household bills, the will states.


The news comes as the Warne children continue to work with Nine on its controversial biopic, after the trio originally hit out at the network, saying it was “disrespectful” that none of the family had been consulted.

Shane died on March 4 while holidaying in Thailand due to natural causes. He was just 52.

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