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“I used this trauma”: Shane Warne’s son Jackson confesses how he coped with grief after dad’s death

The grieving son of the late cricketing great has opened up about his sobriety for the first time.
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The nation was shocked when cricket legend Shane Warne passed away from a heart attack in Thailand last year. But it was the three children he left behind who were forced to find a way through grief.

Shane’s son Jackson Warne took to Instagram to share how differently his life could have become had he left grief overcome him.

He thanked his friends and family for all the support.

(Image: Instagram)

“This year I could’ve easily gone down hill. I could’ve drank a lot of alcohol, gambled too much, quit the gym, ate shit food and not socialised. Be miserable,” he wrote.

“But I didn’t.

“I didn’t because I used this trauma as energy for life. I surrounded myself with good people, went to the gym EVERY DAY, drank water, swam, laughed a lot and was consistent. 1 day at a time.”

He continued to write how he has never felt happier or healthier and encouraged his followers do the same.

Shane passed away from a heart attack earlier this year.

(Image: Instagram)

“Health is wealth,” he commented.

“It cost’s $0 to exercise, laugh, drink water and go outside. If you do this I promise you’ll be the happiest and healthiest you can be.

Jackson thanked all of his friends and family who have reached out to support him: “It doesn’t go unnoticed and I appreciate it. Thankyou.”

Among the praise Jackson received were words of support from his sisters, Summer and Brooke.

Meanwhile, Shane Warne’s ex-wife Simone Callahan also commented: “well said Friend love you !”

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Simone’s comment comes just days after she posted a beautiful tribute to Shane’s youngest daughter Summer for her birthday. In the tribute, she also included a special nod to her ex-husband.

“I’m so proud of you and I know Dad is in heaven watching over you telling everyone up there how proud he is of his SJ!”

“You are and always will be the twinkle in his eye, we know you were his favourite (even though we don’t have faves ) keep dancing through life and I know Dad will be up there dancing and singing along with you. We gave you wings now fly high Summer Girl.”

“We love you Endlessly,” she concluded.

Jackson has opened up about his journey of sobreity for the first time.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

In January 2023, Jackson shared a snap of his muscular frame to his Instagram, writing that ”I feel 2023 is gonna be a good year for everyone.”

The son of the late cricketing great used to train with his father, and it seems he is carrying on with this pasttime, and redirecting his grief into mental and physical wellness.

In the post he said that he was mentally feeling great, the strongest he had ever been and 30 days sober, and was planning on remaining sober for the duration of the year.

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