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“Beyond disrespectful”: Brooke Warne slams dramatised movie based on her late father Shane’s life

''Do any of you have any respect for Dad? Or his family?''
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Brooke Warne has slammed plans for a telemovie about her late father Shane Warne’s life and legacy.

The eldest daughter of the cricket legend, who died in March this year, lashed out on Instagram on Wednesday night after the film was discussed on Melbourne’s 3AW radio station, which is owned by Channel Nine.

“Do any of you have any respect for Dad? Or his family? [Shane] did so much for Channel 9 and now you want to dramatise his life and our family’s life six months after he passed away? You are beyond disrespectful,” the 24-year-old penned.

Brooke slammed the decision to make a dramatised film so soon after his death.

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Earlier this year it was reported that pre-production for the two-part movie, which it set to air in 2023, had started just three weeks after Shane’s sudden death from a heart attack in Thailand.

Casting for the series reportedly began in Sydney and directors have already chosen an actor to depict the iconic cricketer.

“He’s only been dead for a couple of months and for them to turn this around and think about doing some sensational thing, well they should be ashamed of themselves,” Shane’s manager James Erskine told The Herald Sun at the time.

“I will be writing to Peter Costello because he is their chairman and saying, please explain.

Shane has a long and friendly history with Channel Nine, having worked as a commentator.

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“Why would Nine even go there? It’s a disgrace and I will certainly be making my voice heard.”

Shane has a long and friendly history with Channel Nine, having worked as a commentator before the cricket’s broadcast rights were purchased by Channel 7 and Foxtel in 2018.

Brooke’s heartache over the telemovie comes just two days after what would have been Shane’s 53rd birthday.

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To commemorate the sentimental date, Brooke shared a poignant tribute to her beloved father.

While visiting a very special place in the ‘Spin King’s’ career, Old Trafford Cricket Ground, it was impossible for Brooke not to reflect on her dad’s impact.

Posting photos from the sentimental day, Brooke penned: “Old Trafford Cricket Ground holds a very special place in My families and my Heart, it was very special to be able to visit the ground where the Ball of The Century took place as well as Dads 600th Wicket.

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