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Secret behind Adele’s weight loss

Despite once famously vowing not to conform to weight ideals, Adele shares the secret to her new dramatic weight loss.

Adele once famously announced; “I’m not going to lose weight because someone tells me to. I make music to be a musician, not to be on the cover of Playboy.”

But after her three-year break she has returned looking slimmer and fit and more beautiful than ever.

Although the 27-year-old has not spoken much of the weight loss, The Sun on Sunday has revealed it’s good old fashioned hard work with her trainer Pete Geracimo.

Adele is about to embark on a 105 date tour and she wanted stamina, and also to be healthy for her three-year-old child, Angelo, with charity boss Simon Konecki.

Konecki, a former elite triathlete, gave the singer gruelling training routines which not only kick-started her health but helped Adele get over her dislike for training, although a recent instagram image may suggest otherwise.

image: Adele instagram

The routine uses a combination of weights, circuits, the Modified Strongman Workout and a high-intensity program called Tabata (which she apparently does not care for.)

The superstar revealed: “I was trying to get some stamina for my tour so I lost a bit of weight.

“Now I can fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes, which is really a big problem for me.

“It’s to get in shape for myself, not to be like a size zero or anything like that.

“I mainly moan. I’m not skipping to the f***ing gym. I don’t enjoy it.

“I do like doing weights, I don’t like looking in the mirror. Blood vessels burst on my face really easily so I’m so conscious when I’m lifting weights not to let that happen.

“And if I don’t tour, you’ll catch me back down at the Chinese.

“I absolutely loved [smoking] but it’s not that f***ing cool when I’m dying from a smoking-related illness and my kid is, like, devastated.”

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