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Roxy Jacenko NOT at prison gates to meet husband Oliver Curtis as he’s released from jail

Instead, he was immediately bombarded with questions about Roxy kissing her ex-boyfriend by the media,

Oliver was released from Cooma Correctional Centre last Friday.

Oliver Curtis was released from Cooma Correctional Centre this morning at around 8:40am after a year in jail, but wife Roxy Jacenko wasn’t waiting at the gates as expected.

The white-collar criminal was escorted through the large pack of waiting media by a personal security guard into the back of a waiting black range rover with dark tinted windows.

Awaiting media asked how he felt to be free after a year in jail for insider trading, as well as questioning his feelings on the pictures which emerged of his wife kissing her ex Nabil Gazal, but Curtis didn’t make any comments.

Curtis then made his way to the nearby Cooma – Snowy Mountains airport where he is expected to meet with the PR maven and their two children on a private jet.

Jacenko, 37, was seen leaving her North Bondi home on Friday morning with the children in tow to pick up Curtis from the regional NSW town.

The kids – Pixie, five, and Hunter, three – think their dad has spent the last year in China on business.

Jacenko revealed this week that Pixie had been counting down the days until her dad came home.

Roxy jacenko

Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis with the kids before his prison sentence.

“[Pixie is] marking off the days and now we’re down to however many sleeps … she can count now she goes to school.”

In April, Jacenko told the Wentworth Courier that she would “absolutely” be at the gates – a reality that didn’t eventuate.

“The kids are looking forward to having their father back. Remember Pixie hasn’t seen Oli for 12 months, so it’s very important we’re there,” she told the paper.

“[Pixie] will think she’s picking him up from work. She doesn’t know any different.”

The stockbroker was charged and convicted for the $1.43 million he secured through trades that were based on illegal tip-offs given to him by his childhood friend and former Orion Asset Management employee John Hartman.

He had been sentenced to two years jail, but was released after just one year on good behaviour.

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