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Presley family feud cools as Riley Keough focuses on protecting her family

As Lisa Marie’s ex wins custody of the twins, her daughter Riley is ready to make peace.
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At 33 years old, Riley Keough has seen more pain and suffering than most could bear.

The tragic death of her 54-year-old mother Lisa Marie Presley in January came just three years after her brother Benjamin’s shock suicide in 2020, as well as her grandfather’s Elvis’ death in 1977.

It’s why insiders say she’s determined to make peace with her mother’s ex-husband Michael Lockwood and end the Presley curse once and for all.

‘Riley can’t bear the thought of the twins growing up with any more sadness in their lives – she knows it’s up to her to end the feud with Michael. It’s why she didn’t fight him for custody despite what her mum would’ve wanted,’ reveals a source, referring to Lisa Marie’s bitter custody battle with Michael over their 14-year-old daughters Finley and Harper – a fallout from their nasty split.

Riley is Lisa Marie Presley’s eldest daughter.

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Last week, Michael, 61, was appointed legal guardian of the twins, amid the ongoing battle over Lisa Marie’s will, a move that means he can represent the girls in the case over their mother’s multimillion-dollar fortune.

‘Riley and Priscilla are still not speaking, but there’s definitely been a cooling off period as more details come to light,’ an insider spills.

‘Even Riley admits her mother’s will is a mess. Lisa Marie still had [her late son] Ben listed as beneficiary. So while there’s been a lot of progress towards peace, one thing they both agree on is making sure the twins are treated fairly.’

The legal fight has seen Priscilla Presley, 77, contest an amendment to her daughter’s estate that left Riley in charge of Graceland and gave her a 15 per cent stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises, which contributes to the millions of dollars the Presley estate generates each year.

The change to the will, which was made in 2016, removed Priscilla and Lisa Marie’s former business manager Barry Siegel.

Riley now has a 15% share of Elvis Presley Enterprises, with Priscilla being removed from her daughter Lisa Marie’s will in 2016.

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‘They’re very lucky Michael’s stepped up, as it’s a great comfort to Harper and Finley. As hellish as his divorce from Lisa Marie was, he’s not the type to speak ill of the dead. There’s no bitterness there, only compassion for his teenage daughters, who are being remarkably strong.’

According to sources close to the family, while Priscilla and Riley don’t agree on much right now, they both want the twins kept out of the legal battle.

‘Both Priscilla and Riley avoid discussing the subject with them. Those girls are so precious to that family and they still have a lot of growing up to do without their mum by their side,’ says the insider.

‘Riley is even more protective than Priscilla. She and her sisters are all that’s left to keep the family legacy alive and, despite the legal dramas with their gran, Riley’s made it clear to her sisters that they are a team. They’re in contact every day and Riley’s passionate about not letting Harper and Finley lose sight of their dreams. She wants the family curse to end.’

A Family United: Riley is committed to keeping the Presley legacy alive alongside her sisters Harper (Far L) and Finley (Far R).

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