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Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley settle legal dispute over the late Lisa Marie’s will

Has the family feud finally come to an end?
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The Presley family feud has seemingly come to an end as Riley Keough and her grandmother Priscilla Presley have reached a settlement agreement over the validity of Lisa Marie Presley’s will.

Priscilla’s attorney, Ronson J. Shamoun confirmed to the Judge Scaduto at a court hearing in Los Angeles.

The pair first went into court April 13.

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The agreement involves the Promenade Trust, which names Riley as the beneficiary of her departed mother’s estate. However, details of the agreement were not discussed in court and both party attorneys revealed they planned to file a motion to seal the settlement agreement.

Outside of court, Priscilla’s attorney told reporters: “the families are happy. Everyone is happy, unified, together and excited for the future.”

Riley’s attorney, Justin Gold told CNN: “she is very content.”

The judge asked for the settlement and motion to seal be filed by June 12, 2023 and organise another hearing for August 4, 2023.

“the families are happy.”

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It was only a few months ago when the family feud took another nasty turn as Riley reportedly locked her grandmother out of Elvis’ famous estate Gracelend.

A Hollywood insider claimed the 77-year-old actress recently visited the Memphis mansion to discover Riley had “changed the locks on the upstairs doors and archives”.

According to the source, before Riley, 33, was made the sole executor of late mother Lisa Marie Presley’s will following her death in January, “Graceland archives director Angie Marchese, Priscilla and Lisa Marie had the only keys. So Priscilla is now locked out – and she’s furious!”

However, a spokesperson shot down the claims and insisted, “No locks at Graceland have been changed since Lisa Marie’s passing.”

Sources revealed that prior to their court date on April 13, the pair were only communicating through lawyers. Priscilla had an ally in court – her former son-in-law Michael Lockwood.

Priscilla reportedly hates fighting with Riley.

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The 61-year-old guitarist has filed legal papers requesting a judge allow him to represent his and Lisa Marie’s 14-year-old twins Harper and Finley in the legal battle.

Priscilla’s ongoing relationship with Michael – who Lisa Marie falsely accused of possessing child pornography during their lengthy child custody battle – was allegedly a major sticking point between Priscilla and her late daughter.

“The family battle lines were drawn long ago between Lisa Marie and Michael – Lisa Marie always hated that Priscilla kept him on side,” said an insider. And according to the source, since Lisa Marie passed, Michael and Priscilla have remained on the same team – much to Riley’s dismay.

“It irked Riley to no end that he flew on the private jet she chartered to Memphis for Lisa Marie’s funeral, which is why Riley ended up making her own way there,” a source told Woman’s Day.

“Michael wanting to represent his daughters’ best interests in the court case will be viewed as a positive by Priscilla and her legal team.”

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According to an insider, Priscilla “hates” that she’s in a legal battle against her own granddaughter, but she was not going down without a fight, even if it meant a long, ugly and very expensive process.

“She’s been warned it could rack up a legal bill of millions, which might explain why she’s picking up voiceover work,” says the source of the grandmother, who raised eyebrows by signing on to voice herself in a new animated series for Netflix, Agent Elvis, alongside Matthew McConaughey.

Indeed, sources said the mounting legal fees was becoming crippling for the star so she’s looking for any cash injection she can get.


But some close sources question whether it’s worth it. “Losing a child, fighting for her estate and going back to work, all in your late seventies, is a lot for anyone,” said the insider.

“The family that remains close to Priscilla are starting to worry that it’s all too much, and maybe she’s better off letting the issue – and Lisa Marie – rest.”

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