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Is The Voice host Renee Bargh single? Meet the stunning Aussie starlet’s A-list Hollywood ex-boyfriends

The girl is a serious catch.
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While it might seem like Renee Bargh is a bit of an overnight sensation – she’s about to star as the new host on The Voice alongside Darren McMullen – the Aussie starlet has actually been quietly plugging away at her burgeoning TV career for well over a decade.

She started as a VJ on Channel [V] in the noughties, and in 2010 she made the permanent move to Los Angeles as the weekend co-host of entertainment show Extra, before she was later promoted to a new correspondent role.

She’s a regular red carpet fixture and has interviewed literally every celebrity under the sun – from Brad Pitt to J.Lo, you name it.

And during her decade living and working in Hollywood, the stunning 33-year-old has caught the eye of more than a few handsome celebrity suitors, as well as several homegrown Aussie hotties, on her regular trips back home Down Under.

We’ve rounded up all of Renee’s ex-boyfriends and also got the goss on her current relationship status – keep on scrolling for more.

The stunning blonde’s career has gone from strength to strength.

(Image: Instagram)

Renee interviewed Brad Pitt during the awards show circuit in LA earlier this year.

(Image: Instagram)

Dancer Shannon Holtz

Renee and Shannon walking the red carpet at a film premiere in Sydney in 2008.

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Back in 2008, Renee had a short-lived romance with dancer Shannon Holtzapffel, who often shortened his last name to Holtz.

In fact, it’s believed Shannon was the reason Renee first left her job as a presenter at Channel V and made the big move across the pond to LA.

At the time, Shannon was touring with popstar Christina Aguilera.

Their fling was brief, but the pair were a regular fixture at Sydney social events back in the day.

Singer Joe Jonas

Renee (right) interviewing Joe Jonas and rapper Nelly (left) in 2012 on Extra in Los Angeles.

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The pair joking around in front of the cameras.

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Renee and her bestie, The Voice judge Delta Goodrem, have far more in common than just fabulous hair and a love for their home country – they’ve both dated a Jonas brother!

Yep, Delta was linked to Nick Jonas in 2012, around the same time Renee dated Joe.

When asked by The Daily Telegraph in 2011 about her romance with Joe, Renee said: “Joe is a lovely guy. We get along great. Joe is just an awesome, awesome guy.”

Of course, Joe is now married to Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner and the couple are expecting their first child together.

AFL star Josh Gibson

The couple all glammed up ready for a night out together.

(Image: Instagram)

Renee and the AFL star, who would later go on to appear on Channel 10’s hit reality show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here, dated for about a year between 2014 and 2015.

The pair were regularly photographed at events together and often shared cute couple photos on social media.

But ultimately, the duo couldn’t make their long distance relationship work long-term, with Renee based in LA and Josh in Melbourne for footy.

“We definitely tried to make it work for as long as we could,” Renee told The Daily Telegraph in early 2015.

“But with both of our careers, keeping us on opposite sides of the world, it did just prove to be a little bit too challenging.”

The former couple regularly shared sweet photos of themselves on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

Josh and Renee in happier times.

(Image: Instagram)

Model Tyler Atkins

Renee referred to Tyler as her “favourite person”.

(Image: Instagram)

Renee uploaded this photo to Instagram in May 2015 of herself and Aussie model and reality star Tyler Atkins, just months after she split from Josh.

While the pair’s romance was never confirmed, Renee’s flirty caption certainly hinted at a strong connection.

“My fave new LA hang out, with my fave human @tylerockit,” Renee captioned this photo of the pair with their arms around each other.

Actor Glen Powell

His jawline could seriously cut glass.

(Image: Getty)

Renee was linked to the handsome American actor, who has had starring roles in Scream Queens and Hidden Figures, in late 2018.

In November 2018, it was revealed the pair had been dating for “six months”.

A source told Us Weekly the pair had been quietly dating, but kept their relationship on the downlow, refraining from posting pictures on social media or appearing at media events together.

“Renee has been staying at Glen’s place,” a Hollywood insider told the magazine.

Is Renee dating her The Voice co-host Darren McMullen?

Nothing to see here! The co-stars are just good mates.

(Image: Getty)

No – it appears as though Darren and Renee are just friends and keep their relationship strictly professional.

The hosting duo recently opened up about their friendship and revealed their on-camera chemistry comes down to their differences.

“We balance each other out. He’s the light and the fun… part of my job is being Darren’s wrangler. But I tend to do that in our friendship anyway,” Renee joked to The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’ve always been the studious one who works really hard to get the job. I do all my research and I’m prepared – that’s how I function. And Darren just rocks up and is charming and funny and he does it all naturally, which is super annoying!

“We have a fun dynamic as we respect each other. He’s done the show so many times. I’ve learnt a lot from him.”

Darren added: “She’s always taking the piss out of me … we have very different hosting styles. She’s the brains and I’m just there to look pretty!”

WATCH BELOW: Renee Bargh interviews Brad Pitt on the red carpet. Story continues after video.

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Is Renee Bargh single?

It looks like it!

Late in 2019, Renee confirmed her single status.

“I am currently single,” she told Daily Mail Australia at the Melbourne Cup last year.

And she revealed what she’s looking for in a man.

“A good Aussie boy would be great, so if you know anyone throw them my way,” she joked.

Form a line, fellas!

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