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EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Harding reveals the most romantic thing boyfriend Andy Lee has ever done for her

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It’s no secret that Rebecca Harding and Andy Lee are completely smitten with one another.

The loved-up couple met back in 2015 after Rebecca caught the eye of Andy at a Melbourne café, where she was working at the time as a waitress.

Speaking to Now To Love, the 28-year-old reveals it was in the early stages of their relationship that Andy, 38, made a very romantic gesture.

Andy once flew to the other side of the world to chase Rebecca.

(Image: @rebeccalharding/ Instagram)

“When Andy and I first started seeing each other, I went to New York for six weeks with a girlfriend,” Rebecca says.

“He missed me so much he booked a flight to New York to catch up. That was pretty romantic!”

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Now that the couple has been together for several years, Rebecca admits their favourite moments together are a little more low-key.

“We both love dining out, pottering around the house and spending time with our friends and family,” she reveals.

“We both live such busy lives that when we have time off it’s so great to enjoy each other’s company while doing really mundane things like our washing.”

Bec and Andy love hanging out while doing mundane activities “like our washing”, according to the brunette beauty.

(Image: @rebeccalharding/ Instagram)

For Valentine’s Day this year, Rebecca says she loves going somewhere “simple, intimate and delicious” and admits “pasta is my all time, favourite food.”

Rebecca and Andy’s names both made the cut on OpenTable’s list of names of most commonly making a Valentine’s Day reservation in Australia in 2019 and Rebecca admits usually share the responsibility of making bookings.

“Both our names were on the list associated with the most reservations on OpenTable, however we generally take it in turns,” she says

“Andy is a big thinker and planner, so he usually will have something planned well in advance. Whereas I’m a last minute booker. That’s why OpenTable is so great, you can log on, find a list of your favourite restaurants and book something last minute.

Rebecca says she looks for somewhere “simple, intimate and delicious” when making restaurant bookings.

(Image: @rebeccalharding/ Instagram)

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