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The scary secret Andy Lee kept from girlfriend Rebecca Harding


It's part of Andy Lee's job description to do stupid stuff on camera.
And his new show Hamish & Andy's "Perfect" Holiday, with work husband Hamish Blake, is no exception.
The premise of this Channel Nine three-part series is that the duo make their way across American and basically plan outrageous activities to do together.
The only thing is, most of these said activities are incredibly dangerous, scary and downright terrifying, like eating the world's hottest chilli, meeting a real-life Wolverine and taking part in an insanely dangerous "figure 8 bus race".
For the uninitiated, this kind of race involves racing other people driving large buses on a track in the shape of a figure eight.
As you can imagine in a race like this, the risk of a head-on-collision is scarily high. Just look up figure eight races on YouTube and be prepared for your heart rate to spike.
Rebecca Harding and Andy Lee have been dating since 2014. Getty
Due to the danger of the exercise, Andy wasn't exactly forthcoming with the details of his and Hamish's overseas dalliances to his girlfriend of five years, Rebecca Harding.
"Hame [Hamish] hadn't mentioned too much of that to Zo [Hamish's wife Zoe Foster Blake] and I hadn't mentioned that to Bec," Andy told Jase & PJ on KIIS Melbourne 101.1 of their death-defying TV shoot.
"You didn't tell Bec this?" host Jase asked.
"No ... we didn't run anything past them because it's much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!" Andy said.
"There's certain bits that we tell them about after we're done."
The couple sharing a sweet moment together. Instagram)
This isn't the first time one half of the Andy-and-Bec duo has kept a little secret from their significant other.
"Do you remember last year, when I took your car in for an early service? Well, I actually smashed the front of your car, reversing in," she told Andy while the pair were chatting on Fitzy and Wippa's Nova 969 show.
We should probably add that said car was in fact a luxury Audi.
Yep, we'd be bricking it if we managed that, too!
Bec and Andy in a candid Instagram couple snap. (Instagram)
Despite clearly regretting the moment, Bec said she reckoned the whole ordeal was the "garage's fault".
But her fault or not, she jumped straight into damage control - literally.
"I took it straight to Audi said 'you need to fix this!'" Bec said.
The model admitted that the secretive repair didn't come cheap either.
"I think it was about three grand. I was expecting a lot more because it was over two panels.'"
WATCH BELOW: Andy Lee confirmed his split from Rebecca Harding on radio. Story continues after video.
Andy seemed to take the revelation in good spirits, despite being slightly floored at first.
"I've got mixed feelings about that, the lie's bad," he said on the radio show.
Bec was quick on the defence, insisting that she didn't lie because Andy never asked her whether she had damage the car.
Andy's hilarious response? "Do I have to ask every night, whether you're sleeping with Steve from next door?"
Andy and Bec started dating in 2014 but went public with their relationship in January 2015.
They split briefly in July 2016 but quickly rekindled their romance and have been together ever since.

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