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Plastic surgery: When stars go too far

Plastic surgery: When stars go too far

When it comes to “cosmetic surgery gone horribly wrong”, socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein takes the fake cake.

The human pincushion, 64, has reportedly spent more than $3.3 million being pulled, nipped and tucked into absurd proportions.

“As everyone can see, she’s had too much of everything,” says Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Anoop Rastogi. “She’s been pulled too tight, and she’s had too much work done to her mouth, eyes, cheeks, brow and lips.”

Now, sadly, a new crop of famous folk – including Carla Bruni, Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Grey – are unknowingly vying for the title of Brides of Wildenstein. According to Dr Rastogi, the problem often lies with a distorted sense of self.

“When we look in the mirror, what we see is not always what others see,” he says. “The most obvious case of this is anorexia. But many people have a less extreme version of body dysmorphic disorder [being excessively preoccupied with a perceived physical flaw].”

He says if a patient requests a procedure that’s unlikely to enhance his or her looks, it is up to the surgeon to refuse.

“Regularly I have patients coming in for, say, Botox, and they ask me to top up their lip enhancement at the same time. I say, ‘No, next time.’ They lose sight of how they once looked and just want a little more.”

Once a natural beauty, Jocelyn began a vicious cycle of cosmetic surgery after discovering her billionaire art dealer husband, Alec Wildenstein, had been cheating on her.

She underwent a facelift and eye procedure in a bid to appear cat-like for Alec, who adored wild cats – but sadly, the couple still split.

Thankfully, Dr Rastogi says cases such as Jocelyn’s are few and far between these days.

“Patients have become savvy about what looks over-done,” he explains. “The mistakes of the past are becoming less common.”

For more plastic surgery celebrities see this week’s Woman’s Day, on sale May 3, 2010.

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