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Olivia’s despair: Please save my daughter

Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe sparks deep concern with her wild behaviour and public meltdowns.

There are fresh fears for Chloe Lattanzi, the wild child daughter of tragedy-plagued singer Olivia Newton-John, after she publicly revealed deep misgivings about her future in a tormented, drunken confession.

The aspiring singer was photographed recently collapsed outside a Miami strip club, then became the subject of a frantic police search after disappearing following a drunken night out.

Last week she raised eyebrows at a Los Angeles petrol station when, dressed in a skimpy outfit, she posed provocatively on her car as she filled the tank, and was later snapped kissing a woman.

A day later, a disoriented and stumbling Chloe had to be helped from a boozy art exhibition opening at a ritzy Melrose Place gallery.

Sparking the most concern, however, is a video she posted on the internet. Looking wan and with a cigarette in her hand, Chloe pours out her heart in a rant that indicates her emotional turmoil is threatening to overwhelm her.

“I don’t think about the future too much, and that’s a good thing,” she slurs amid a montage of drinking and partying scenes.

When challenged by a friend about what she does for a living, Chloe – who has yet to release her long-promised debut album – is defiant. “I write and make music,” she pouts. “I create, that’s what I do.”

Now a heartbroken Olivia, 61, is begging advice from friends on what can be done to save her daughter from her worst impulses.

How did it go so terribly wrong for this troubled young woman who, as the child of singing superstar Olivia and her ex-husband, US actor and dancer Matt Lattanzi, was born into love, wealth and so much promise?

One family friend, who first met Chloe as a 14-year-old, recalls her as a healthy girl blessed with her father’s Italian looks, who dreamt of being an actress.

“She was the girl who had everything, and that’s the tragedy – almost all of it is gone from the Chloe I know today. It’s been so sad to witness the fading of that unique sense of humour, that sparkling personality, even her natural beauty – it’s all gradually seeped away or been discarded with every last scrap of her self-esteem.”

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