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Nicole’s anger as Keith gets flirty again!

Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez couldn’t hide their obvious affection for each other as the flirtatious pair took to the American Idol stage together smiling and closely whispering to each other.

Keith’s flirt-fest with the glowing mega music star during the show’s finale couldn’t have been done on a bigger stage either, as 10 million viewers tuned in.

It was the ultimate way to make Keith’s wife Nicole Kidman jealous, particularly after their previous public flirtation which shocked audiences world-wide when they first stepped onto the Idol stage.

Their most recent display of affection for each other wasn’t helped by that fact that J-Lo was dressed in a barley there lace mini-dress and happily laughed along with her hunky co-star.

Nicole had reservations about the pair working together even before her husband signed on to Idol with Keith describing J-Lo as “beautiful, talented and charismatic”.

Meanwhile, tension is rising between the pair over Nicole’s latest onscreen love interest.

Woman’s Day understands Keith is finding it hard to accept his wife’s close relationship to her latest co-star Colin Firth.

A source close to the couple told Woman’s Day Keith flew into a jealous rage after Nic revealed she had accepted yet another movie starring alongside the handsome English star.

“Nic adores Colin – and Keith knows it,” reveals a close friend of the actress.

“Colin’s so charming and she goes weak at the knees whenever she hears his beautiful voice. He’s the perfect gentleman. All her female friends back in Nashville are jealous as hell that she gets to spend so much time with him!”

The fact that Colin has been happily married to his film producer wife Livia Giuggioli for 16 years, isn’t making Keith feel any better about the situation.

“He gets very jealous when Nic talks about him, which she does a lot!” we’re told.

“She’s forever saying how wonderful Colin is and telling stories about all the fun the two of them have together. There’s a real bond between them. They talk about their kids and careers and places they’ve travelled in the world. In many ways they’re perfectly matched and they appear to have much more in common than Nic and Keith.

Despite Nicole’s close relationship with Colin, Keith doesn’t want her confiding in him about their marriage and pouring her heart out to him.

“Nicole says Colin’s a good listener and Keith hates that because he can’t stand the idea she might be having intimate conversations with another man,” the source says.

With Keith about to embark on his latest Australian tour on June 14, his family is expected to join him, especially as Nicole prepares to celebrate her 47th birthday on June 20 and the pair’s eight-year wedding anniversary just five days later. Watch this space!

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