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EXCLUSIVE: Kebab shop owner TELLS all about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Plus, we reveal their kebab shop orders...
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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have paid a sneaky visit to their favourite food stop in Sydney – Manly Seaside Kebabs – much to delight of locals and shop owners who met the a list couple.

The Oscar award winning actress jetted into town with her Grammy award winning husband for a summer Christmas with family, returning to their roots for a festive season down under.

It is understood that the family flew into town to spend time with Nicole’s mother Janelle.

Nicole and Keith were papped in Manly recently.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Arriving arm in arm, head to toe in beach appropriate gear, the couple were happy to be photographed and appeared looking like they had caught some Aussie sun, and had spent some team swimming in the iconic Manly beach.

In a photo shared to Instagram by the café, the couple posed casually, big smiles adorning their faces.

”Our local legends always supporting us,” the Instagram account shared.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with Woman’s Day, Manly Seaside Kebabs business partner Ezra Araslan said that Keith picked his favourite lamb with the lot and Nicole picked a falafel roll from the menu.

”They are normal people and they love to be treated normally,” Ezra said.

”We see them on a regular basis, they come in a couple times a year.”

Describing what it was like to meet face to face with such global megastars, Ezra had nothing but nice words to say.

”They are actually a pleasure, Keith is a gentleman, he is so humble, and Nicole is one of the nicest people you will ever meet as well.

Their Christmas visit is one of many the pair have made to the kebab shop in recent years, visiting this time last year for their annual summer pilgrimage to Australia.

Pcitured: Keith visiting Seaside Kebabs in December 2021. According to Ezra, the pair have visited three times alone in 2022.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Friends of Keith and Nicole told Woman’s Day that the famous couple are finding it harder and harder to be away from Australia and their mothers.

“Especially now that both their dads have passed away. Nicole has yearned to be closer to her mum ever since her dad passed, and Janelle is very much starting to slow down.”

In January, Nicole confirmed her 81-year-old mum’s health was waning, explaining she was in Sydney at the time to “take care” of her and “surround her” with grandchildren.

Now, Keith has shed further light on Janelle’s health, appearing to suggest this could be their last Christmas with her.

“My mum just turned 80 and Nic’s mum – who knows how many Christmases we get with anybody ever but particularly with our mums – I really cherish that chance to spend Chrissy with them and our family in Oz,” he revealed.

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