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FINALLY, Nicole Kidman recognises Bella and Connor in a new speech

The beautiful speech left us very emotional.
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Nicole Kidman accepted the Glamour Woman of the Year award on Monday night, so of course, all eyes were going to be on her, which made it the perfect opportunity to finally publicly acknowledge her two eldest children, Connor and Isabella( Bella) Cruise.

Nicole adopted Bella, 24 and Connor, 20, during her 11-year marriage to Tom Cruise. Following her divorce from Tom in 2001, Nicole left the Church of Scientology and Connor and Bella stayed. This has reportedly caused problems with communication in their relationship.

After she was criticised for forgetting to acknowledge her two eldest children in her Emmy’s 2017 speech, Nicole used her Glamour win to thank her adopted kids.

As well as thanking her “feminist mother” and her “caring, loving” father for making her who she is today, she all made a point to thank all her children.

“I have four extraordinary children,” she says in her speech.

This was a big change from her last speech, where Nicole only referenced her two daughters, Sunday Rose, nine, and Faith Margaret, six, and husband Keith Urban.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Nicole story if there wasn’t some love up couple news to share.

Nicole and Keith on the red carpet.

Wearing a black, tiered Christian Dior dress which featured a bird design, she and husband Keith Urban managed to steal the show from the moment they walked onto the red carpet together.

We can’t get enough of this loved-up couple, and Keith’s pre-recorded message to Nicole about the first time he saw her truly melted our hearts.

“What I remember very, very vividly was that it looked like she just floated across the floor. It stays with me to this day. There was a magical, celestial thing about her. To me, she embodies everything,” said her smitten husband.

The pair are smitten!

When accepting her award, Nicole touched on what a fantastic year it has been and the importance of supporting each other in the quest for reaching new heights together.

“I think tonight we’re here to celebrate the phenomenal contributions that so many people in this room are giving to the arts, to culture, to exploration, to human rights. So I just want to take this moment to say, let’s celebrate all of us and what makes us us.”

Nicole in Christian Dior.

And of course she made sure to thank Keith as well:

“He gives me so much strength at times and he gives me so much love,” she gushed.

“I’m very, very fortunate and I know so many people in this room don’t have that, but I do have it and I want to acknowledge it because as much as I’m a strong woman, I need help and I need support.”

Bless the both of you, never change!

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