Nicole Kidman's most incredible moments as she turns 50

As Aussie icon Nicole Kidman celebrates her 50th birthday on June 20, we look back at the stylish star's life.

By Bella Brennan
From her humble beginnings in Sydney studying theatre and starring in a handful of local television shows, Hawaiian-born Nicole Kidman finally got her big break in 1989 when she landed a role in Dead Calm.
Once the striking red head got her foot in the door, she's never been short of roles. The mother-of-four even scored an Oscar for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in The Hours in 2003.
These days, you'll find the talented star kicking back with her family, daughters Faith Margaret, Sunday Rose and hubby Keith Urban in Nashville - and it's pretty clear that Nic couldn't be happier!
"A lot of people say there are similarities [between Nashville and Australia] and I can see that – smaller town, slower pace, which I prefer, and you’re actually living a life, rather than just analysing it and talking about living it. My daughters have southern accents. It’s where my husband’s career is and I love it," she told The UK's Telegraph.
And lately, the world can't get enough of Nicole thanks to her incredible role in Lion, which earned her an Oscar nomination, and her stirring portrayal of Celeste in Big Little Lies.
As for how she feels about entering the next decade of her life, Nic says she's "absolutely embracing it."
"I try to embrace all parts of my life now because I think you just go, 'Wow. [I'm] so lucky, so blessed.' [I'm] making an effort to go back and see my mum in Australia and spend time [with her]. I've got the whole summer off, so I'm just kind of relaxing," she told Entertainment Tonight recently.
Nicole's inspiring life truly proves that 50 is just the beginning!
In celebration of her milestone birthday, we've rounded up her best moments!

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