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Michael Jackson’s lasting legacy: Paris, Prince and Blanket through the years

A walk down memory lane!
Paris and Michael Jackson

Paris and Michael had an unbreakable bond.

We look at Michael Jackson’s biggest legacy – his children Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson.

The late King of Pop’s three kids Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson have grown into incredible young adults.

From the minute they were born, the star’s children were thrust into the spotlight but a determined Michael ensured their identities weren’t unveiled until his untimely passing.

Despite the tragic loss of their famous father in 2009, Prince, 20, Paris, 19, and Blanket, 15, have flourished into wonderful young adults who are committed to keeping their father’s legacy alive.

The King of Pop’s former body guard Yannick Allain revealed what it was like seeing Michael become a doting dad, “I gave him a hug to congratulate him and all I could remember noticing was the look on Michael’s face. The look of absolute pride. I had never seen him looking calm and yet so confident and happy without saying a word. At that moment I think I felt that kinship of manhood, that only comes from becoming a father. A wonderful moment.”

Click through the gallery and see the musical legend’s children’s most heart-warming moments

Blanket Jackson

Michael Jackson’s father, Joe, recently took to social media to share a rare photo of his grandson — Blanket “Bigi” Jackson. The 89-year-old Jackson family patriarch is also featured in the sepia-filtered snap.

Paris Jackson reminisced about MJ on father’s day recently via an Instagram post. “You’re (always) the best! I miss you a lot but I know you’re in the perfect place. We’re gonna be together again someday, I’m sure, I will never forget you, applehead,” she lovingly penned.

Prince and Paris remember their Dad at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards in 2010.

The Jackson clan pay tribute to their dad and they imprint their hand at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA.

Michael revealed after the birth of Prince: “I have been blessed beyond comprehension and I will work tirelessly at being the best father that I can possibly be.” Watch MJ and his kids in the next slide. Gallery continues

Prince, Paris and Blanket address the crowd at their father’s tribute concert in 2011.

The Jackson are pictured with their grandmother Katherine. Here they attend an X-factor live show in 2011.

In an effort to continue Michael’s legacy, the Jackson’s donated some of his artwork to a local children’s hospital.

Blanket Jackson prefers to go by the name Bigi these days and is an avid karate enthusiast.

The oldest of the three kids Prince Jackson – Michael Joseph Jackson Jr – graduated school at the prestigious Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley with honours.

Before their careers catapulted them into the spotlight, Michael and Janet Jackson were a close brother/sister duo. And it is this bond he instilled in his own children.

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