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Bachelor In Paradise’s Megan Marx and Jake Ellis reveal: ‘Our bathroom romp that ended in the emergency room!’

Very sad news for Jake Junior… and Megan!
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It’s been five months since Megan Marx walked out on Jake Ellis while filming the Bachelor in Paradise finale, confessing that she couldn’t commit as she didn’t believe the Gold Coast hunk, 31, would be faithful to her on the outside.

“We didn’t want to set ourselves up to fail,” Megan says, explaining her decision to end things with Jake.

“I don’t know what would have happened if we’d declared a love that we weren’t 100 per cent sure about yet.”

But since then, they have indeed declared their love. In fact, their romance has become so passionate it landed them in a Perth hospital’s emergency ward in March!

“After the show, the sex got too good,” Megan, 29, tells NW of a raunchy night with her new man.

“We were in the bathroom, well, you know, then all I heard was a scream, then ‘SNAP!'”

Yep, he broke Jake Junior…

Here, the couple reveal what really went down on that wild night.

After a rocky ending on Bachelor in Paradise, Megan and Jake are now very much in love!

You two didn’t become intimate until the very last night in Paradise, then you broke up on TV! If you’re still together now, obviously the sex couldn’t have been bad, right?

J: I think it just got better and better. I’m not going to float my own boat, though… But one night we were in Perth, we’d had a pretty big night, we were drunk and in [Bachelor in Paradise star] Brett Moore’s bathroom and very in the moment…

M: Then there was a snap!

J: It was the most excruciating thing I’ve ever been through in my life. Immediately I knew I’d done some damage to

myself, and told Megan I needed to go to the hospital straight away. I was very swollen!

M: It was awful. Oh my gosh, it’s etched into my memory forever!

What a disaster! Jake and Megan’s sex-scapades landed them in the emergency department!

OMG! So what did you do?

J: I did my best to hide it from Megan because I definitely didn’t want to turn her off, but she was really good about it! She did chuckle a bit… But anyway, we got to the hospital at 3am and the doctor came in and was like, “Do I know you from somewhere? My wife and I have watched you on TV!”

M: We were worried because obviously we’re not allowed to be seen together, and here we are – he’s got a broken d–k and we’re in a public emergency ward. I don’t know how many nurses have seen his penis now – it’s like they’ve all got Jake Ellis stories! [Laughs]

How did they fix it?

J: It was very embarrassing, and a very dark and scary moment. I had to have surgery and stitches. It was a long six weeks of healing.

M: Jake now has what I like to call a wizard d–k. He has an amazing Harry Potter scar! But after the surgery, he was like, “I’m so sorry! If you want to break up with me, just do it now!” I was like, “Seriously? You’re apologising to me? Your c–k just broke!”

J: It’s definitely an experience. When I told my brother and dad they laughed their heads off!

To read more of Jake and Megan’s story, including their plans to move in together, pick up NW now.

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