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In Paradise's Megan and Jake: “We won’t make the same mistake”

If Bachelor in Paradise couldn’t break Megan Marx and Jake Ellis, nothing can!

While Megan Marx may have decided to part ways with Jake Ellis on the show, the hunky Bachelor confirmed to Now To Love that their real love story began off-air!
And this Bachelor in Paradise couple has definitely learnt from past slipups.
"We're taking it one step at a time and I hope I won't make the same mistakes being so open or public, I'm sure it will be better this time," Megan shares, in an OK! exclusive.
While she says they're "taking it slowly" at the moment, fans were still thrilled to discover she and Jake are definitely not dunzo, and committed to making it work outside of Paradise.
The 29-year-old says part of the problem was dating in the public eye.
"It's scary to go into another relationship in the public eye because everyone is so invested in it, and if it goes wrong it's so public," she explains.
Even while on the show, the couples were all moving rapidly towards proposals while Megan and Jake much preferred to take their time.
"You get caught up in the moment," Jake mentioned previously about the possibility of a proposal, adding, "We have really thought about what could be next and how we could make that work."
Boy are we glad Megan Marx and Jake Ellis found their way back to each other after Bachelor in Paradise ended! These two were major cuties.
Moving at their own pace now, the pair confirm they're back together and madly in love.
"We mesh so well – we're both so objective and kept a real world perspective," says Jake.
"I guess we were commitment-phobes. We were searching for some problems to slow it down," he says.
"It set us up to be strong in the real world. We are taking each day as it comes. We're not the type of people that plan every step."
And Megan totally agrees with her boyfie! "I'm sure you've noticed I'm a bit of a commitment-phobe, so we're taking out time," she adds.
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