EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorette star Jake Ellis tells all

Their spark was instant but in the end, it just wasn't enough to get Jake Ellis over the finish line.
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Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia saw the final three boys lay their feelings on the line.

First off, Lee admitted he was falling for the stunning newsreader during their solo date.

A giddy Georgia confessed it was “the best thing she’d heard all day.” Capping off the last leg of the show in style, Lee and Georgia enjoyed a helicopter ride, a picnic and a romantic bike ride.

Matty J and Georgia were treated to a gin mixing class before getting hot and heavy in a jacuzzi. During their make-out session, Matty finally told the journalist that he was falling in love with her.

“There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that I want to end up with you. The thought of not being with you kills me. I’d do whatever it takes to make it work, you’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m completely falling in love with you,” an emotional Matty J confessed.

“I didn’t expect that but I couldn’t think of anything I want to hear more. It made me feel absolutely incredible,” Georgia responded.

Jake and Georgia set sail on Sydney Harbour on a super yacht.

“Something that has been there since day one with Jake is this undeniable chemistry. It’s been there the whole time and it does just grow. I love being around him. I feel drawn to him! It’s just chemistry,” Georgia explained.

But despite the picturesque settings, the pair had a serious conversation about the logistics of their romance – with Georgia based in Melbourne and Jake in Queensland.

Ultimately, her heart wasn’t with Jake. In an emotional rose ceremony, Georgia paid a fond farewell to the 30-year-old.

“You’re amazing. I can never ever underestimate that. Meeting your family meant so much to me. And to take you away from your family when I know what you’re going through… I want to be 100% certain. That’s really hard to say,” a teary Georgia said.

We caught up with Jake to talk about his time in the house and coming so close to landing Miss Love’s heart.


How’s the heart feeling Jake?

It’s definitely a bit sore! It was very heartbreaking to not be lucky enough to be the last one standing.

I really did put myself out there as much as I could. I put my heart on my sleeve and fought for Georgia. I guess it’s a break-up and break-ups really do hurt no matter what side of the equation you’re on.

How do you manage that situation of being broken up with in such a dramatic, public way?

I didn’t go into the experience thinking of the heartbreak because if I did that then I’d be a lot more reserved. As hard as it is, I did say whenever it was just Georgia and I, it felt like no one else was around. That’s the way I looked at the relationship and the whole experience.

Were you surprised to leave? What was your head space in the lead up to your last rose ceremony?

I was in a really great head space. The home visit with Georgia was amazing.

Everything felt so natural and comfortable. Leading up to it, I was feeling really good and confident in what we had. It definitely was a shock to not get that rose.

Georgia didn’t want to keep Jake away from his family while his mother battles health issues.

Would you say that you’d fallen in love with Georgia by that point?

I was falling in love with Georgia, I was falling for everything about her. It just felt like a normal relationship. We were really moving in that direction quite rapidly and that was the exciting part about it.

Can you talk me through your final date with Georgia and your gut feeling after it?

It was amazing! Going out on the Sydney Harbour on an amazing yacht is something you don’t expect to be doing. Just being with Georgia was so natural, all we do is laugh and laugh and laugh.

But you still need to have those real conversations [about the future], we were talking about our family and living in different states. But at the same time, I didn’t think it was going to hinder what her and I had.

Why do you think it didn’t work out?

From the very start, Georgia and I really opened up to each other about our family. Georgia’s mum being not well and both my parents have been through extreme health battles over the years.

Georgia, which I completely respect, saw how much they need me at the moment with everything that’s going on. She said she didn’t want to steal me away from them and cause my family heartache.

Have you reached out to Georgia to send your wishes about her ill mother?

The news about her mum broke my heart. But unfortunately we don’t have the opportunity to reach out or be in touch with everything that’s going on. I want to give her family privacy.

It’s really hard not being able to reach out to her and let know I’m thinking of her and I’m worried about her and that I care. Having my family be sick in the past, it’s something I’d love to do but unfortunately I don’t have that opportunity.

Is that a contractual obligation, you can’t talk til the show’s over type agreement?

It’s not that. I just want to give her and her family the privacy. With everything going on, it’s such a rollercoaster for Georgia. I want to give her family privacy but I am thinking of her.

WATCH: Georgia and Jake’s chemistry is off the charts. Post continues after the video…

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Obviously that’s something you two bonded over on the show, what kind of advice did you give Georgia about going through such a harrowing situation?

It is something we connected over and usually that’s not something I share with someone very easily, my family’s battles. But from the start, we were very comfortable in sharing that. It’s hard to put into words or give advice in a situation like what Georgia’s mum’s going through.

The biggest thing is her mum must be so proud of her because she’s such an amazing woman. It’s time now for her to just be with her family.

Do you think you’ll catch up with Georgia and be friends?

It was a once-in-a-life-time experience, it’s something we all went through together. I feel like we’re always going to be friends and have that to share but I guess it just depends what happens at the end and who that lucky guy at the end is and if he’ll feel comfortable with us still being in their lives.

Who did you watch tonight’s episode with?

My family, I wouldn’t want to watch it with anyone else?

Were you happy with your portrayal on the show? Is that who you are?

Yeah, I am very happy with how I’ve been portrayed. The biggest thing for me is family and they’ve definitely portrayed that. The whole way I tried to show the real me and I feel like that’s really come across on the screen.

At some points I feel like I’m a bit funnier than I am on TV but I can’t always have the punch lines.

Jake hopes his bestie Matty J wins.

Are you still single?

I’m still single. It’s something I haven’t been looking for, it has taken a bit of time to get my head around what went on. I really was so emotionally invested… Since the show wrapped I’ve been focusing on work and family.

Will you be back on the dating scene soon?

I am looking for The One but you can’t really give that a time frame. When it happens it happens I guess. I’m waiting for that right person!

You’ve spent so much time with the final two, who do you want to win and think Georgia is most compatible with?

It’s really hard! I’m as excited as the Australian viewers, I am looking forward to seeing who the lucky one is. It’s really hard to pick.

I am close with Matty J, we became close really early on. And Lee has such a big heart…. But I want Matty to win, he’s just a great guy!

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What’s it like being so friendly with someone and then also dating the same girl?

It’s very strange! I was the lucky one to get that first single date with Georgia and we really connected early on. And then having to sit back for a couple weeks and watch these other great guys form their own relationships with her.

I tried not to focus on what the other guys may or may not have had with Georgia, I just tried to think about what we had.

It’s definitely a strange situation, you just take the positive out of it all.

What was the highlight and lowlight of the whole experience?

Meeting Georgia and putting myself out there, I’m not just saying that. What we did have with each other was amazing and it opened up my eyes to a lot of things in life, that’s just something I’ll be forever grateful for and grateful to Georgia.

The low point was definitely not being the lucky one standing at the end!

The 30-year-old says he’s still getting his head around not ending up with Georgia.

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