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Mary Coustas’ baby joy: ‘We melt when she smiles!’

Mary Coustas’s baby joy: 'We melt when she smiles!'

The birth of their daughter Jamie has brought pure joy into the lives of the comedian and her husband George Betsis.

When Mary Coustas gave birth to her daughter Jamie three months ago, there was one thing she needed to hear before she would let herself truly celebrate – her baby’s cry.

Having suffered the devastating loss of their first daughter Stevie when she was stillborn at 23 weeks in 2010, Mary and her husband George Betsis were justifiably anxious to know that this time everything would be OK.

“I just needed to hear her cry,’” recalls Mary, 49, about those first few moments in the delivery suite. “I kept thinking, ‘Where’s that cry?’

“And then I heard it. It was so overwhelming. I was so relieved. There were so many feelings that came up…I literally had to cover my mouth not to scream with relief and happiness and gratitude. I looked at George. He was crying, I was crying, everyone was crying. It was so fantastic.’”

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