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The simple question that caused MAFS star Cyrell Paule to lash out at Big Brother’s Skye Wheatley at a celebrity event

''Do I sit there and say, "Are your lips real?''
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Footage of MAFS star Cyrell Paule and Big Brother alum Skye Wheatley going head-to-head at an influencer event in the Gold Coast has leaked.

It appears the person sitting next to Cyrell at the dinner table filmed the awkward incident earlier this week.

In the video, Cyrell is is seen putting Skye “in her place” after she asked if her relationship with Love Island’s Eden Dally was fake.

WATCH: Cyrell and Skye clash at the influencer event.

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Even though Cyrell and Eden have been together for three years and share a son, Skye wanted confirmation about the validity of their union.

“How did you guys meet?” asked the Big Brother alum from across the table.

An unamused Cyrell replied, “Jules’ [Jules Robinson] birthday [party].”

Skye continued, “That’s so cute. So was he friends with Cam [Merchant]? I saw an article that said you guys had a fake relationship or something.”

Cyrell took to her stories to clarify what happened.

(Image: Instagram)

“Do I sit there and say, “Are your lips real?” No, that’s an inappropriate question. I don’t ask that. Don’t be a smart a b*h. I will put you in your place… Eat your food or I’ll shove your face in it. Shut up,’ Cyrell yelled back at Skye.

Skye then awkwardly responded: “Aww, sorry. But if you know the truth, babe, who cares! I wanted to know who said that.”

Cyrell is famous for defending herself and her family no matter what, so her tough as nails response was as scathing as fans would expect.

After the event, Cyrell took to her Instagram Stories to further call out Skye.

“For three years I have to explain, approve and confirm my relationship with my partner.”

(Image: Instagram)

“Tonight I’m supposed to enjoy a beautiful get away… a mini break as a mum… instead… what I receive is a night out, back in high school. Surrounded by mean b**tches… that don’t know… what is appropriate and what is not… for three years I have to explain, approve and confirm my relationship with my partner.

“And tonight… out of all nights… for mothers… I experienced… nothing but female b**tching and bullying from @sky.wheatly… questioning whether or not my relationship of three years!!! Whether or not… is it so impossible… for @dallyeden to be with me…”

In another story, she went on, “For a female to see me first at the elevators and ask ‘Oh my god are you still with Eden?’ and ‘you guys had a baby together right?’ but apparently not knowing my name… but happened to read in tabloids… that my relationship is fake.. and asking this at a dinner party for other mums to hear…”

Cyrell with her family.

(Image: Instagram)

Finally, she explained she shared the video because “a picture paints a thousand words.”

“Know your place… if someone says the topic makes them uncomfortable and it’s inappropriate, know your place!!! Don’t sit there and laugh at my interracial relationship that I have had to justify for three years,” she signed off.

Fans of the couple have speculated about their relationship since they first got together links after Eden was seen with former MAFS contestant Jessika Power.

“I’m sitting at Eden’s house right now. He’s upstairs and half the time I’m here.”

(Image: Instagram)

During an exclusive chat with Now To Love, she put the rumours to rest by denying they have a “showmatch.”

“You want to know the truth?” she said. “I’m sitting at Eden’s house right now. He’s upstairs and half the time I’m here – his neighbour’s even know my car now!”

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