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Cyrell Paule defends MAFS’ Olivia Frazer after angry viewers hurled abuse outside her home

''Regardless of what she's done she doesn't deserve this.''
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Married At First Sight‘s ninth season may be over and done with, but the chaos is continuing off the cameras.

On Monday, Olivia Frazer revealed she was forced to call the police after angry viewers drove past her house on the NSW Central Coast and yelled threats at her.

“Some lunatics have just pulled up outside my home – don’t know how they got my address – and have screamed that I’m a c—, I’m a rat, and I should die in a hole,” the 28-year-old said in the video.

Season six bride Cyrell said Olivia’s critics have gone “overboard”.

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“I can barely go out in public and now I can’t even chill at home.”

The frightening situation garnered sympathy from an unlikely former MAFS star; Cyrell Paule, who last month publicly slammed Olivia for being a “hypocrite”.

The season six bride shared Olivia’s video and called for her critics to “not go overboard”.

“Ok guys, this is pretty f–ked. She’s lost her job… and now this. Regardless of what she’s done she doesn’t deserve this. And your reactions [are] just a reflection of you.

“I keep reading how you all want an apology. Guys if she doesn’t want to say sorry for her actions… who gives a flying f–k! Would you rather a forced apology?’

In a video, Olivia said people drove past her house on the NSW Central Coast and shouted threats.

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The mother-of-one went on to say she is concerned about Olivia’s mental health given the intense backlash she’s received following her feud with co-star Domenica Calarco.

“I know if I was her, I’d feel very alone. And we all know how painful feeling alone can be. Don’t push people to their last straw… Remember two wrongs don’t make a right,” she finished.

Olivia recently told Mamamia’s No Filter podcast that she has received abusive text messages from former clients from when she worked as a driving instructor.

“Not just kids I used to teach, but parents [messaged me] to call me a pig, a delusional t–t,” she said. “I think that was the breaking point, when I started getting texts to my phone, because I’d removed myself from online.

“I can barely go out in public and now I can’t even chill at home.”

(Image: Nine)

“That was really, really breaking point – people that I know, saying I’m disgusting, and they’re mortified they let me teach their kids to drive.”

Cyrell’s defence of Olivia comes two weeks after she slammed former co-star Michael Brunelli for his comments regarding her lack of empathy over the OnlyFans photo scandal.

Michael, a former teacher-turned-personal trainer, blasted Olivia, who is studying to become a high school English teacher, for her lack of “emotional intelligence”.

“Me, a former teacher, trying to figure out how someone who doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to feel empathy wants to become a teacher,” Michael wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of himself looking perplexed.

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The following night, Cyrell, who infamously feuded with Martha Kalifatidis and Michael during the show’s sixth season, took to her own Instagram to share her thoughts.

“Says the guy who also showed absolutely no emotional intelligence to feel empathy when his partner and himself were aware that people were being cheated on,” Cyrell wrote, referencing Jessika Power’s cheating scandal with Dan Webb behind Mick Gould’s back.

“Wouldn’t be such a hypocrite there ex-teacher. Before you point your finger, make sure your hand is clean.”

Cyrell went on to make it clear she was in no way defending Olivia’s behaviour: “My point being I hate hypocrites.”

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