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Lleyton Hewitt’s son is on his way to the Australian Open

Bec worries for her son!
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Just months out from celebrating his 15th birthday, Bec and Lleyton Hewitt’s son, Cruz has proven yet again he’s on track to follow in his famous dad’s very big footsteps!

Clinching his first professional win at Darwin’s Tennis International last month up against much older and more experienced players, the teenager revealed his dad Lleyton was the happiest of all.

“I spoke to [him] on the phone and he was pretty happy and stoked that I won,” Cruz told reporters.

But behind the scenes, the talented star’s mum, TV star Bec Hewitt, 40, has never been more determined to make sure she and dad Lleyton, a former world No. 1 and two-time Grand Slam winner, do everything possible to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Cruz’s game is on point after training with Rafael Nadal.

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Parenting Approach

“There was always this underlying feeling that Lleyton’s parents Glynn and Cherilyn really pushed their boy to get the best out of himself, and it was rumoured at the time that it was their way or the highway when it came to his tennis,” the insider reveals exclusively to Woman’s Day.

“Bec has spent years bringing Lleyton around to her way of thinking and her softer approach to parenting. Cruz is a more well-rounded kid than his dad ever was, which is largely due to Bec’s insistence that life is not all about tennis.

“She’s a real soothing influence on Cruz, as she is with their girls Mia, 18, and Ava, 12 – she wants her boy to look up to players like Roger Federer, who was a true champion both on and off the court.”

Of utmost importance to Bec is making sure Cruz’s mental health is as strong as his tennis game – and that he’s not pushed too hard in a bid to make him a success.

And it seems the talented young gun has inherited more than just his 42-year-old father’s wicked two-handed backhand!

With Cruz joining the Rafa Nadal Academy, Lleyton has been getting to know the family, including Rafa’s sister Mariabel, 35, even better.

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Asked post-match about his most recent victory, he boldly responded, telling local media, “I’m pretty stoked on getting that win because I had to come from behind. I was fired up, to be honest… It’s cool getting to go to different places like here [Darwin] and it’s a lot of fun, but I came here to test myself at this level against some older players and see how I go.”

“I also get to miss school today because I won, so that’s even better!” he cheekily added.

With the eyes of the tennis world watching his every move, it now remains to be seen if, in fact, he can break one of his dad’s longest-standing records!

“Lleyton, who these days juggles family life with coaching and commentary commitments, first qualified for the 1997 Australian Open aged just 15 years and 11 months, the youngest in the tournament’s history,” says the insider.

“He went on to win the 2001 US Open and 2002 Wimbledon – there’s no reason Cruz, who has more swagger than any kid his age on the circuit, can’t do the same over the next few months,” predicts our source, before adding that Bec will be making sure he’s not pushed too hard in a bid to make him a success.

Lleyton was one of the youngest players to be world No. 1 and his son is not far off in following his footsteps.

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Pillar of support

“When Cruz was seven, Lleyton expressed hope that his son would go one better and make the main draw at 14. And while Bec knows he was just dreaming big for his son, she wants to keep the pressure off her boy and offer support when things don’t go his way,” says our insider.

“While Lleyton, who was renowned for being a tough and gutsy competitor, just wants Cruz to keep on smiling and having fun – win or lose!”

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