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Is Sally returning to Summer Bay? Kate Ritchie reveals her TV plans

The TV WEEK Logie Award winner opens up about her future roles.
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Playing Sally Fletcher in Home And Away, Kate Ritchie basically grew up on Australian TV screens. For more than two decades, between 1988 and 2008, you could hardly open an issue of TV WEEK without seeing her smiling face.

A multiple TV WEEK Logie Award winner – including two Gold statuettes – here’s Kate, 39, on…

Her first memory of the Logies

“I think the first time I finally attended the Logies was in 1991. A few years before that, I was too young to go and was heartbroken.

“At lunchtime the Friday before, the older cast were heading down to Melbourne for the awards and the crew and our production office planned a lunch in honourof me because I wasn’t going with the others.

“It was so sweet. I got flowers and a little teddy bear and even a mock award that I still have to this day. It sits beside my actual Logies at home and says ‘Kate Ritchie, the best actress in Summer Bay’.”

“Acting is where my heart is and I can’t wait to do it again,” Kate says.

Seeing herself in the magazine

“I don’t think I was on the cover as often as Nicolle Dickson, Alex Papps or Justine Clarke, but in those first few years I was thrilled.

“It was always such a treat. I come from a long line of hoarders, and whether I liked it or not, things were collected for me.

“That began with my mum and dad tearing pages from magazines and then, of course, I developed that habit as well. I have to tell you, my garage has piles of TV WEEK magazines.”

Kate celebrates winning her Silver Logie in 2006 with Ada Nicodemou.

Her favourite Sally Fletcher moments

“I think everybody loves a wedding – and Sally had a few. They weren’t always a success, but TV WEEK always handled them delicately.

“The magazine and the public have always been very supportive of my character and me.

“I think the stories that were fun were probably also fun for the magazine too. Weddings and babies – they’re much more fun than death and disaster!”

As our favourite schoolgirl in Home And Away.

Returning to TV

“I’ve never denied the fact that I can’t wait for the opportunity to be back on Australian TV screens.

“I’d love to be able to tell you something about that now, but I can’t. I really do count myself lucky that I’ve continued to work since leaving Home And Away.

“In terms of TV, though, I’m just waiting for the right project to come along. Acting is certainly where my heart is and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Future roles

“I’d love to get a role in Wanted with Rebecca Gibney. She’s amazing. It’s so wonderful she’s been able to branch out into producing as well.

“There’s so much great Australian drama. Foxtel are doing great things. A Place To Call Home is wonderful. I think you’re spoilt for choice at the moment.”

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