Voting in the 2018 TV WEEK Logies has now closed

Welcome to the official 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards live voting site - voting has now closed.

UPDATE: Voting in the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards has closed
Live voting for the 60th TV WEEK Logie Awards is officially open!
The Australian public now have the power to vote for the winners in each of our 10 'Most Popular' categories. Find out more about those categories and nominees here.
Earlier this year fans were given the chance to vote for which stars and shows would be nominated at the 2018 Logies. Now, you will have your second chance to vote for your favourites to win!
You can only vote once, subsequent votes won't be accepted, so be sure to think about your choices before you submit your form.
You must vote in all 10 categories. You will also be required to submit your mobile phone number after selecting who you want to vote for in each category - you will receive a code to enter in to the voting form, and you can then submit your vote. This is in order to verify and validate your vote.

Voting ends Sunday July 1 2018, 7:28pm (AEST).

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