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Former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie reflects on her “special relationship” with John Farnham

''I think we forget how big John Farnham was.''
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Former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie has opened up about her heart-warming relationship with Australian music icon John Farnham.

Speaking to 7NEWS Spotlight for The Lost Tapes of John Farnham, the 44-year-old actor shared a touching tribute to her “special relationship” with the singer.

The former Home and Away star reflects on her special day on-set.

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“I think we forget how big John Farnham was. Not only was he an incredible talent and so likeable, I feel he also represented what Australia was all about,” said Ritchie, adding, “Not only was he our soundtrack, but he was the guy you wanted to be friends with.”

Ritchie first met the You’re the Voice singer in 1998, with Farnham visiting the set of Home and Away as part of a special episode of the beloved series.

Reflecting on her nine-year-old self, Ritchie shared the impact of Farnham’s presence on set, telling 7NEWS Spotlight, “He made the child that I was feel like I was the important person on set that day. It was like he had come to see me and he needed my help.”

Ritchie shared a sweet throwback of her magazine cover with Farnham to her social media.

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“The story was that [her character] Sally Fletcher won tickets to see Johnny perform but at the last minute, she got an awful case of the chicken pox,” she stated, adding, “because he is such a great guy… he decided to come back to Summer Bay and visit Sally Fletcher in her pyjamas.”

“There were a lot of people on set that day holding cables and pretending to do things because ‘The Voice’ was coming to town.”

Now, over 25 years later, Ritchie considers herself to be one of Farnham’s biggest fans.

“I’ve bored my family over the years and Burn for You is a bit of a favourite … I think if you’re celebrating the nation we live in and you’re not playing John Farnham, you’re not doing it correctly.”

Farnham is best known for his anthemic hits You’re the Voice and Burn for You.

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Ritchie was not the only star to share her tribute to Farnham, with the program also including musical performances from Shannon Noll and Natalie Bassingthwaighte, as well as tributes from former Human Nature star Phil Burton and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

“All Australians love John Farnham … John Farnham has been, and continues to be, a great Australian. He’s not only provided entertainment for Australians over many decades, [but] he has also been a contributor to the nation,” Prime Minister Albanese stated last year.

The Australian music legend is reportedly cancer free.

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Farnham has recently been in the spotlight following his diagnosis with throat cancer, with the legendary Australian vocalist undergoing a 12-hour surgery last August to remove the tumour.

In the year following the surgery, the 74-year-old is reportedly on the road to recovery, with his son Robert previously telling The Morning Show that his father is now cancer-free and has begun to sing again.

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