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Jimmy Barnes makes shock announcement regarding his health

And his summer tour has been cancelled…
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Jimmy Barnes, Aussie rock legend, has just made an announcement regarding his health and upcoming tour.

Taking to Instagram on November 29, the Working Class Man singer addressed his fans and said that back and hip issues he’s had for years have recently gotten much worse.

Jimmy Barnes has to undergo urgent back and hip surgery. As a result, his upcoming tour has been cancelled.

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“Listen, I’ve been jumping off PAs and towers and lights and running around stages like a maniac for 50 years but it’s finally caught up with me. I’ve had niggling back and hip issues for years now but over the last few weeks it’s got really painful and really severe,” he said.

Barnesy then revealed he has to cancel his upcoming tour dates because he needs urgent surgery.

“As everybody knows, it’s against my religion to cancel shows. I would not put them off but the doctors tell me I need to get an operation as soon as possible and it’s going to really limit my movements for the next few months.”

WATCH: Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Boy Official Trailer. Article continues after video.

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Jimmy then thanked the band, Hoodoo Gurus as they’ve agreed to fill in and headline the three upcoming shows Jimmy was supposed to headline in Wollongong, Torquay and Rochford Wines.

He also apologised to his fans.

“I really want to say sorry to everyone for the inconvenience. As much as it kills me I have to get this fixed, so I can jump around the stage for another 50 years.”

Jimmy’s son, David Campbell has said he’s glad his father is getting the surgery as Jimmy “has been really uncomfortable for a long time”.

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Jimmy’s son, David Campbell – co-host of Nine’s Today Extra – addressed his father’s announcement on Today Extra and said, “He’s not kidding. Just so people at home know he has been really uncomfortable for a long time.”

“It’s just started to get really unbearable and a lot of… For my dad to give up touring there has been a lot of intervention from family members saying, ‘When are you going to do this?'”

However David did say, “The show will go on. Don’t worry he will be back and better than ever.”

For more information regarding Jimmy’s now cancelled shows, visit his website.

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